5 Websites to Go-To for Computer Science Jobs

The thing is, computer science is a very broad term and it’s hard to just assume that you’re looking for a job, in one particular position. And because that is the case, I’ve put together a list of sites that are offering jobs in the terms whole broadness.

I’m talking about sites that have listings for all sorts of computer science related job titles, and you’ll surely find something worth looking into. I just covered a post on the software engineer salaries, and that by itself – is a computer science job title.

You might think that a web developer is a web developer, when in reality – it’s also a job title that suits anyone who has studied / mastered computer science. Anyway, we’ve looked at some of these posts in the past – at least similar ones, like for Ruby jobs and Django developer jobs.

computer science supply demand

Today, I wanted to round it all up in one short and sweet post that will be of use for you in the future, to reference both for yourself and your friends. The rate of employment for computer science related jobs is expected to rise dramatically in the coming years, and so we better prepare ourselves – it’s a hot market to be into.

If you’re still just marinating yourself and deciding whether to begin learning computer science, why not try any of the books I’ve shared in a recent blog post? It’s a nice little collection of books for learning theoretical computer science – it does involve maths, but there is some beginner friendly material in there.

Okay, that should be about it for our introduction, lets see which sites enable us to look for computer science jobs at ease and has high quality listing that will help us land the job we want / are experienced enough to work on.

1. Indeed

Indeed - Computer Science Jobs
Indeed.com is known as one of the leading job searching boards in the World, and due to that popularity – it is updated on very frequent basis. In fact, you can always find very hot new openings nearly to the minute. It also aggregates some of the data from popular government agencies that further extend the reach and potential of finding a new computer science related job. (or, any job for that matter)

It sports a very friendly UX and isn’t hard at all to wrap your head around to. The basic way of finding a job is entering your career type of choice, and then selecting a location – but you can search globally as well, it’s a worldwide job board.

2. CareerBuilder

CareerBuilder - Computer Science Jobs
CareerBuilder is also a really great choice, what I like about this particular job board is their sorting system. You can really narrow down the list of job offerings to the point where you find something you’re totally comfortable with.

You get frequent job postings, combined with a lot of internship offers for younger generations. I’ve seen my friends and co-workers find their dreams jobs on CareerBuilder, so I highly recommend to check it out.

3. LinkedIn

LinkedIn - Computer Science Jobs
LinkedIn have been stepping their game up lately, launching new features and enabling more people to reach the enormous audience that LinkedIn is able to offer. I’m referring to the recent changes of the pulse feature, which now enables ‘common’ users to share a story with the whole audience of LinkedIn.

At the moment, there are nearly 40,000 open jobs available for those who want to apply. What I like about the LinkedIn job board is more than it’s possible to explain in words. You’ve got to take into account that everything on there is quite real, and the companies looking for employees range both from smaller to bigger – like Microsoft and Amazon for example.

4. AngelList

AngelList - Computer Science Jobs
AngelList should get more credit that it’s being currently given, but perhaps that’s just me. I love this website not only because it offers a wide selection of jobs, but because it helps to support the startup community, and is overall a great website to visit, for exploring and learning more about the newest in startups.

In one way or another, every job that you’re going to find on AngelList is somehow going to involve computer science, but for the most part – things like web development, design and engineering. You get constant listings on new job openings, and they’re also very detailed and specific.

I’ve read stories of people finding their dream jobs trough AngelList, because the job openings are very detailed and tailored for specific types of persons. A lot of companies go there to find their best talent. Highly recommended.

5. Y Combinator

Y Combinator - Computer Science Jobs
Y Combinator is known in the industry as one of the leading investor and advising companies. It gives the new generation a shot at proving that they can make an impact on peoples lives.

The jobs board, which is located at the Hacker News board – is a list of open job positions for companies that have been seed funded by Y Combinator. The reason I decided to include this as the last website to go-to for computer science jobs was quite simple.

You get high quality job offerings, and you’re most likely to end up working in a team that has got the same passion and drive for things as you do. All in all, you get to grow together and perhaps even change the World.

Finding the Dream Job as a Computer Scientist

I hope that the list was able to meet your expectations, it certainly didn’t take the route of standalone job boards that you can find by searching Google. I’ve known these sites for long enough to know that they’re reliable, and have helped many people to find their perfect dream jobs.

What has helped you to find the perfect job in the past, and have any of these job boards crossed your path? Would love to learn more.