What's the Software Engineer Salary in 2014?

Software engineering, just like any other computer science related job title – is a highly rewarding career choice, and not only because of the hefty salary that comes with it.

You get to experience life in ways you never thought was possible, is a good definition for those who wonder what software engineering might be like. Yes, it does get boring at times; but, it’s up to you to choose the right employer – you can always work for yourself.

I mean, take a look at my previous reports – both for graphic designer salaries, and the salary of a social media manager. They’re kind of the same, but if you manage to prove yourself to be of great value to the team you’re working for – chances are, that pay can double within a few short months.

But, software engineering is a little bit tougher choice of career, and definitely requires a bit more technical knowledge than any of the two professions I just linked to. With that in mind, here is the graph of current average salary for a software engineer in 2014:

software engineer salary 2014

It’s actually much nicer than you’d initially expect, and keep in mind – this is a global report: not limited to a specific region. I can only assume that some areas / parts of the World are paying much better than the average $95,000 per year.

The World of startups is growing very rapidly, and more and more money is being invested into smaller companies – which means that more jobs are being created, and the demand continues to rise, while the supply is still flourishing and won’t be ready for a harvest, not quite yet.

I’m looking forward to what the evolution of computer science is going to bring to the table, but the evidence is clear – software engineering is a very well-paying job position to strive for, and I can only encourage you to look at it from all perspectives.

Try and pick a specific area where you see the demand rising for the next couple of years, and then work on that technology to establish yourself as a master of the craft. You might just make that $95k turn into something much bigger.