Eduonix, the world’s renowned online learning platform loved by 1 million seekers from all the inhabitable continents, has now come up with Eduonix Infiniti, an exclusive subscription model dedicated to interactive learning. 

The goal is to create a world where everyone, everywhere has the power to change their lives through learning. They offer a wide range of learning opportunities – from hands-on projects and courses to job-ready certificates.

One thing I got to know about Eduonix Learning Solutions is that they want to empower learners to achieve their desired results while creating powerhouse success for every member of the global workforce as their trusted lifelong learning partner.

They aim to provide a value proposition to their customers, and to do so, Infiniti has Value for Money Subscription plans where you can avail of 2000+ Online Course i.e. 12000+ hrs of content. The subscription plans are as follows:

  1. Monthly Plan: $6
  2. Yearly Plan:  $60 ($5 per month)
  3. Forever Plan: $499 

And what’s more, you have 7 days FREE Trial on a Monthly and Yearly Plan!

Once you buy the subscription, you can access 2000+ courses along with all the upcoming curations.

Key Highlights Of Eduonix Infiniti

  • Unlimited access to all courses
  • Unlimited access to all e-books
  • Unlimited access to all bundles
  • Multiple device access
  • Certification & assessments
  • Exclusive courses ltd to Infiniti subscribers
  • Gamified learning experience
  • Live Lab & projects
  • Interview preparation, mentorship
  • 100+ new course/month
  • Career counseling

Advantages of Eduonix Infiniti over other available platforms

1. You save a lot of money

It’s something like the Learning OTT platform, where you don’t need to buy individual courses every time. Just buy the subscription, and you have access to all the courses. 

2. Grow your career

Now, at Infiniti, you get the liberty to learn more and more and get certified for it. You can do as many advanced courses as you want to be successful in your career.

3. Change your career

At Infiniti, they have courses from basic level to advanced level. If you want to learn completely new skills, then an Infiniti subscription is best for you.

4. Continuous learning

In today’s world, technology is changing very fast. To be ahead of others, you need to continuously upgrade your knowledge and skills, which is where Infiniti plays a vital role in your life. 

It literally empowers you or anyone to upskill with any courses of your choice at any time, from anywhere. Speaking about the categories of 2000+ Free Online Courses which you can access under the Infiniti Subscription Plan. It covers the latest & trending technologies & skills like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Data Science, IoT, Web Development, Software Development, Ethical Hacking, Networking, DevOps, System Programming, Game Development, Mobile Development, Cloud & so much more.

Apart from tech-oriented skills, it also covers Digital Marketing, Branding, Marketing Automation, Advertisement, and Content Marketing. 

The most useful category i.e. Business has courses like Entrepreneurship, Sales, Finance, Strategy, Leadership, Operations, Project Management, Communication, Analytics.

And for all those who are not into technologies & business, they also include courses on Lifestyles & Hobbies. Yes, you heard it right! Now you can master your favorite hobbies as well.

Bottom Line

Eduonix Infiniti is similar to Netflix, but instead of offering your favorite show or movies, Infiniti promises to get you job-ready or master any trending skills of 2021. Even if you are already settled in your life, or at the top of your career; you can benefits from Eduonix Infiniti by choosing the right course for your singing lessons that you always wanted to take, or even fine-tuning your photography skills, or understanding meditation, or exploring yourself, or literally anything with infinite possibilities.