While there are those who believe that direct mail marketing has seen its last days, most marketing pros would beg to differ with that statement. Actually, using the post is effective in a number of ways that even the internet, as evolved as it has become, cannot compete with. Postcard printing has long been one of the most successful advertising methods and continues to be just as effective today as it was 20, 30 or even 40 years ago.

Here are some highly effective ways to use custom postcards for your next big marketing campaign.

Target Your Market

The first way in which you can effectively use postcards is by taking time to research your market. This, perhaps, is the costliest aspect of the entire strategy. However, if you think it’s going to cost more than an online marketing campaign, think again! You will also need to target your market online as well as with direct mail postcards, but the difference is the market you are trying to reach. Remember, postcards are typically more effective if used in local market areas. That being said, some of the leading chains do use them with a company-wide promotion that can be used at any store in any market.

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Don’t Make Your Postcards Look Like an Advert

Take a few moments now to go look at the mail which has been collecting on your desk. Pull out all the postcards you’ve received in the post over the past week or so (there are bound to be several!) and take a good look at them. Why are they on your desk and not tacked to your calendar for further review? Why didn’t you even bother to look at them in the first place? The answer to that is quite simple. They all look like adverts, don’t they? If you want your postcards to be actually looked at, design them to look as though they have come from a friend or family member. By all means, try not to put a photo of your building, a picture of your staff, or your company’s logo on the front side of the card.

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A Bit of Intrigue Never Hurts

When you print postcards, you don’t want to give too much away at first. Make your postcard engaging and intriguing so they will want to know more about what it is you are offering them. In other words, say just enough about your new promotion to pique their interest without giving away the entire plot of the mystery. Advertising pros use this technique all the time, and truthfully, it works.

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Your Message Goes Only on the Back

Next item on the agenda is the layout of your postcard. If you intend to design and print postcards online, the layout will be of extreme importance. If you were to go to an advertising agency and ask them to design a postcard for your next marketing campaign, they would advise you to keep the front of the card as attractive and intriguing as possible so that the recipient will want to turn it over to see what it says. Here, you need to keep your message short and sweet while using catch words and phrases that work, much like a call to action online. Tell them just enough to get them interested and then give them a way to find out what they’d like to know. This information always goes on the backside of the postcard.


Provide an Authentic Testimonial

As with any marketing strategy, you will want to give a real-life, authentic customer testimonial. You may want to check with one or two of your valued customers to see if they would mind the possibility that someone may be calling to verify that testimonial. If they agree, give them something in return so that that testimonial will be even sweeter when it’s written. Perhaps a discount or a free service in return for their testimonial might encourage them to give you a testimonial sure to offer others the trust factor today’s consumer is looking for.

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Cheap postcard printing can save you tons of money and get you great results in the process, but you need to keep these basic tips in mind so that you create a postcard that works. Remember, you are targeting a specific audience, so find ways to intrigue them if you want results. Research is paramount when targeting your market and creating a short message that gets a response. It’s really not as hard as you thought it would be, is it?