Are You Following Your Passions or Trying to Please Others

The biggest mistake you are ever going to make is simple to overlook – if you think that pleasing others is going to bring any good business to you, think again. You either think long-term or you’re doomed. It’s that simple.

I have no problem admitting how I used to operate on the web a couple of years ago. I think it was 2009, I had started making a lot of money for myself, truth to be told I had no idea what to do with that money. I was spending it on every corner, be it online or in person. I was giving money away like there is no tomorrow, I had no real attitude towards making money work for me – instead, I worked for money.

Money, money, money. It’s good to have it, it’s even better to earn it while doing what you love the most. You know what you love the most, I know it too. You can make money by doing it, though never force it upon yourself.

The realization of course wasn’t just that the focus needs to be put away from money entirely. It was the realization of having to follow my passions, the need to do something meaningful which makes a difference in my life. I had to find a way to creatively enrich my life. You’re now witnessing the very creative process of me enriching my life, and probably yours in some way – I hope so!

This epiphany, I’ve had it for a while now. I wrote about types of bloggers a couple of weeks ago. I think at that point I hadn’t really digested the idea of doing creative work and showing it to the world. I’m kidding of course, I’ve known it since I first came online in 2006.

It’s Better to Wait

There is a common benefit of trying to please others all the time, you get to have those people come back to you all the time, wanting more! They want more of what you had given them, because they’re not stupid (unlike You!) and they’ll keep coming back for as long as you keep pleasing them. Giving them what they want to see.

When you stop pleasing them? They will move on and you will never hear of them again. Though, getting stuck in this cycle can be very painful and ‘steal’ a lot of valuable time from you. You’ve got to decide who you want to work for, yourself or other people?

It’s better to sit and silently wait for the right people to come around. They will come, I promise.

Draw a Line

On top of it – write all the things you think you’re doing for yourself. On the bottom of it – write all the things that you think you’re doing for others.

I think that even before you start writing down, you start to get a much more clear picture of who is benefiting from your energy and creativity.

There is a big difference between doing something as an act of kindness, helpfulness and honesty, and doing something because you’ve been told to do it.

From this day on, you’re going to be following only your own passions and creating a life for yourself.

I Write, I Blog, I Draw

I do a lot of things, sometimes I don’t have the time for them all. I often find myself struggling to relax during the evenings, because I realize I’ve got to go to sleep really soon and there is so much to do in this world!

When you do what you love, for your own personal good and growth – the time flies, it literally disappears before you. You’re constantly learning new things, and if you manage to reflect upon those things – you’ve got an amazing life waiting for you.

Do It For Yourself

To conclude this little mock up, I want you to do things for yourself and not for other people. This is more easy than you think. Just take the next task on your list for example. Think about why you’re doing it, and could it be that you’re going to do it only because it is going to please other people?

At the end of the day, you’re not the only creative human being out there.