Cross-browser testing, as the name itself suggests is the means to check your website’s performance when accessed through different browsers like Firefox, Android, iOS, Safari, Chrome, etc. Different websites are found to respond differently when accessed through diversified browsers, hence it becomes important to check the results to find out whether or not the website serves its purpose. Cross-browser testing tools are meant to make the work easier for you, as these tools allow you to check, compare, and analyze the response of your website through different browsers. 

Why do you need an online emulator?

To fix various visual and functional bugs in your website web browser emulator for testing is believed to be the most reliable way. It saves time in testing, can be used to start testing without actually downloading the real browsers. With online testing tools, developers can take quick screenshots across various browsers and compare the results in very little time. 

How to choose the best cross-browser testing tool?

Cross-browser testing tools have gained immense popularity off lately. These tools save time, money, and a lot of effort benefitting web developers, website owners, and others involved. However, the real task lies in choosing the most reliable cross-browser testing tools, here’s how you can get your hand on the best testing tools available;

Compare the abilities

You need to look out for a tool that offers optimum results in one go. An all-inclusive tool would not require you to move to a third-party tool for any functional test, and hence you need to keep a check on the features. 

Supporting browsers and devices

You need to find out the range of compatible browsers and devices to get your hand on the best tool. This factor is crucial, look out for web emulators that offer a maximum number of real devices. Continuous updates in the tool are also important for introducing new browser variations in the functions. 

Time and ease of use

It involves a certain amount of time to set up a tool, setting up includes downloading and installing the software. Look out for a tool that has the minimum setup time, because it is all about being quick in setting up a cross-browser testing tool and fetching the results. Also, focus on the ease of use, the tool should be easy to use; it should not be too complicated to understand. 

Parallel testing ability

Different cross browser testing tools behave differently, some allow parallel testing, and some do not. You need to look out for a tool that lets you run your test on multiple devices parallel. This reduces your testing time radically and lets you get faster results. 

Communicating the result

Reporting the result to the website users should be as easy as a comparison. Thus, analyze the reporting features of various cross-browser testing tools before you finalize one, the tool should allow easy communication of the results with other team members. Availability of taking notes, screenshots, video recordings, and other tracking features should also be taken into consideration. 

Customer support

One of the most important and less talked about factors of consideration is customer support. Any product without friendly customer support is like a load on the user. Thus, check the review to know how efficient and graceful is the customer support feature of a tool. You will need customer support throughout the process; the turnaround time of the system should be taken in consideration. 

Comparium and its Abilities

Comparium is a web browser emulator for testing that makes website compatibility testing easier, quick, and affordable. It is a test platform that supports various modern browsers and operating systems. It lets you access different browsers and their diversified versions seamlessly. It allows testing through various platforms like win10, macOS, Linux, and browsers that include Chrome, Firefox, Opera, and Edge. The other features include the following;

  • Comparium enables interactive testing, it lets you emulate browser’s behavior directly on your computer, where you don’t really need to install them on your device. 
  • Allows web testing also on cloud-based environments besides real browsers.
  • They provide you the latest versions of browsers at your service, the services are updated from time to time. 
  • Test your website’s performance remotely with Comparium. You need not have a lot of devices while you are running the test remotely. 
  • Comparium implements SSL certificates to protect your work because security is of utmost importance. 
  • You get a support time that could be easily reached 24/7. 

Thus, getting access to a reliable cross-browser testing tool should be your priority. Choose a tool wisely.

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