WordPress comes with a wide array of plugins that can enhance the capabilities of your website. One of the most sought plugins is WordPress table. This plugin is very useful in different business transactions, such as reporting, marketing, and sales in various niches or industries. 

What Is a WordPress Table Plugin?

A WordPress table plugin is a plugin that’s designed to make commercial, financial, statistical, scientific, and other data interactions and representations effective, fast, and easy. The different types of tables that a WordPress table plugin provides include statistics table, products table, pricing table, and finance table among others.

In this article, you’ll learn how to get the most out of your WordPress table plugin to improve your productivity and business revenues.

  • Integrate Your WordPress Table Plugin 

What are the WordPress integrations you can implement for your website?  You can get the most out of your WordPress table plugin by integrating it with forms, such as contact forms and employment application. This tool will enable you to collect user information as visitors engage in your website, as well as present data in tables and charts. In this way, reporting is made a lot easier.

WordPress table and payment forms is another integration, allowing you to process payments faster and easier. It helps improve customer experience because they don’t have to exit from one web page to another just to proceed to checkout. In addition, you can also integrate your WordPress data tables plugin with a report builder. This capability will enable you to generate real-time reports in Word or Excel based on your gathered data. 

  • Configure Tables 

It’s pretty easy to create and configure charts, tables, and graphs using a WordPress plugin, regardless if you’re presenting a sales report, market research results, or any data representation. All you need is to upload the file by entering it manually, uploading a file, or pasting a data set, and format the table to become editable and responsive. After which, you can insert the table or chart a post or web page using the standard WordPress editor.

By configuring the tables, you can customize the looks and functionalities of the tables and charts you want to post or publish. You’ll be able to present visually appealing statistical data that your web visitors will easy understand to aid in final decision-making. Regardless if they’re viewing the tables on a desktop or a mobile device, a reliable WP plugin can accomplish your preferences by configuration.

You can use conditional formatting to highlight rows, columns, and cells depending on the content. This feature can help your customers and other stakeholders see the most relevant information on the table to avoid overwhelming them.

  • Feed Large Data Sets

If you have large data sets to feed on the tables, you can’t effectively load everything in the page from an Excel, CSV, or Google Spreadsheet file. Data source processing can slow down the initiation and page load time on the client’s side, and this problem could lead to user frustration. So, make the most out of your WordPress table to manage the server side processing, which helps improve performance.

The most successful businesses handle large data sets using plugins to present information on web pages more straightforwardly. If you’re not familiar with coding or programming, using a WordPress plugin can help you accomplish this goal without so much hassle and stress. In that way, you can focus more on managing your business than spending plenty of time dealing with large data sets. 

  • Use The Advanced Filters And Search Options 

You can present product listings, images, and prices on tables for your eCommerce store using a WordPress table plugin. This way, you can create dynamic and aesthetically appealing web pages that encourage people to engage in your website and, eventually, avail of your products and services. 

Include advanced filter and search options. Add some relevant data categories for users to easily sort and pull up the information they need to avoid confusion. So, if you want to maximize visitors’ view of your products, you can take advantage of using tables and charts for easy browsing and comparison. 

Giving your potential customers the chance to compare products side-by-side adds value to their overall experience. In return, you can get their buy-in and establish deeper trust, loyalty, and good long-term business relationship with them. 

  • Import And Export Data 

Using a reliable WordPress plugin, you can import and export data in different locations and formats, depending on their uses. By doing so, you can eliminate the need to manually enter information, and this prevents duplicating content. 

For instance, if you’re implementing digital marketing campaigns, such as social media marketing, search engine optimization (SEO), or content marketing, you can easily pull up and understand data and present them in tables and charts in no time. Hence, a WordPress plugin improves your marketing workflow to attain your objectives, without so much delay and other administrative issues.

  • Use WordPress Table Plugin To Improve Your Business

A WordPress table plugin adds greater functionality to your website, allowing you to offer more services to your clients. For instance, you can create different types of forms and online tools to provide users different self-help options.

Tables and charts are also useful in supporting your claims in your blog articles. You can present case studies, feature stories, and statistical reports in these formats to make your business more credible. When it comes to numbers, they tend to favor companies that show them actual results over those making similar claims without solid proof.

For instance, if you have a marketing agency, you can establish thought leadership by showing the statistical results of your campaigns in tables and charts. This strategy can help attract more investors as they see your sales proposal on professionally-made graphical representations, as compared to a purely text-based proposal.


Whatever your business’s size is, you can get the most out of your WordPress table plugin by maximizing the features and benefits as discussed above. You can use tables and charts in creating visually appealing and easy-to-understand reports. By using a WordPress table plugin, you can generate reliable reports and other data representations more effectively to help promote business productivity and overall success.

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