Do you want to launch a new product? Are you confident in the success of your idea, but do not know how to technically transform it into reality? Then, you need to hire a CTO, a specialist who will take over the management, control, and optimization of product development.

But how and where to hire a CTO? There are several options, let us take a look at each of them.

A Friend will Always Help (but this is not Exactly)

Hire a CTO or a techie friend? Of course, the second option. After all, a friend understands coding and will not issue a cosmic bill for services.

At first, it may seem to you that it is the best decision of your life, and the work on the project will go like clockwork. But, as practice shows, “rose-colored glasses” can break as soon as there are disagreements between you on the development of a project or salary.

As a result, you will be forced to waste time on disputes that can lead your startup to a standstill and even destroy friendships. After several such quarrels, your head will be full with only one question: Why did I do this? I had to hire a CTO.

To Invite PRO CTO

Or maybe hire a CTO with experience and already dozens of successfully implemented cases? Tempting idea! Such a specialist certainly has a highly technical background, first-class organizational and communication skills… but there is a nuance. Will the PRO trade in a large company for a modest salary startup? The answer is obvious.

To hire a CTO with years of experience is a great move. But save this idea for the future when your startup scales up.

Launch Word of Mouth

You can also seek help from friends to hire a CTO. If luck smiles, you may even be offered a so good CTO (according to friends, of course). But there is no guarantee that this specialist is technically savvy and will be able to bring your product to the market without bugs and crutches.

Entrust the Project to a Freelancer

If you have nerves of steel and are willing to spend several winters developing a project, then you can hire a CTO among the freelancers. Of course, a freelancer will cost you 4-5 times less than a PRO CTO. But be prepared for the fact that the quality of the final product may be lame.

Freelancers also have a super-ability: to disappear when the deadline is on, there are difficulties with the project, or one of the clients has offered a better project. Therefore, before hire a CTO, consider whether it is worth transferring the project to a freelancer.

Contact an Outsourcing Development Agency

While you are trying to find a solution to how to hire a CTO for a project, your competitors are on the alert. But we have good news: you can contact an outsourcing development agency. For example, Purrweb agency provides CTO service and helps business enthusiasts like you bring a product to market.

We tried to put everything on the shelves concerning how and where to hire a CTO. The choice is yours! Good luck.

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