Web design includes a lot of disciplines and many different knowledge and skills in production as well as maintenance of sites. Web design has lots of different areas such as web graphic design, authoring, interface design, standardized code and proprietary software, search engine optimization, or SEO as well as user experience design. 

Most of the time, a lot of people will work in teams covering many factors of the web design process, even if some web designers will cover them entirely. Usually, web design is utilized to describe the process of design with respect to the client-side or front end design of a site, which includes writing mark-up. 

To some extent, web design partly covers web engineering in a wider scope of website development. a website designer is anticipated to have a knowledge of usability, and once the job includes making mark-up, then they are also anticipated to be informed of the guidelines of web accessibility. Web designing has a fairly recent background, but it can be associated with other aspects like graphic design. On the other hand, website design can also be viewed from a technical viewpoint. It turns out to be a big part of people’s daily living. It’s hard to think of the internet with no animated graphics, diverse designs of typography, music, and background. 

Know the In and Out of Industry 

Because of the increase and rise of online connections, business websites turn out to be a growingly vital opportunity to reach clients from all parts of the globe, for large and small businesses alike. Thus, a web design service business has experienced amazing growth in the last couple of years. 

As more and more clients access online content using their tablets and mobile devices, business operators have experienced a high demand for mobile responsive web designs. But, the latest platforms which allow people without experience in designing and maintaining their sites have constrained the growth of the industry. 

How Much Does A Web Designer Earn? 

According to the research, a web designer has a median income of more than USD70, 000 a year, with a range from USD50, 000 to almost USD100, 000.  Lucrative income potential and high demand combine to make web design one of the most popular home-based business ideas. 

How to Become a Good Web Designer?

A web designer is a part of technology savvy and part of an artist. A web designer is accountable for the appearance of the website and its functions as well. She or he is not needed to have particular training or certification, provided the fact that she or he has the knowledge to design or develop a website. Even if it is not essentially a prerequisite, a skill of programming and coding can boost the chance and income as well. 

Becoming a successful web designer means having a good taste for design, which includes color and layout. A web designer develops a web layout that must be enticing and attractive while still capable of serving the site’s main purpose.  You must have a proper understanding of the font and color as well as how they used to boost and enhance the appearance of the website. You should have skill in coding languages like Ruby, CSS, Python, SQL, and ASP is able to increase value and marketability 

Web Design Business: Pros and Cons 

Like any type of business out there, there are pros and cons, and the web design business is not an exception. Let’s start analyzing the pros. 


The job can be done right in the comfort of your home, or any place, as long as there is fast internet access. There are no particular educational requirements required, even if training and certification can grow marketability.  Web development jobs have a work outlook growth of almost 27% and well more than seven percent other jobs. You are able to expand your business into other areas like web site maintenance, copywriting, SEO, as well as other services related to the website. 


Despite the many benefits offered, home-based web design business also comes with some minor drawbacks, such as the web is continuously evolving. So, it is vital to keep updated on the latest development in software and coding, and the competition is high. 

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Other Factors to Consider 

There are other things you need to consider when putting up a web design business at home, such as hardware such as high-quality computers, scanner, monitor, printer, as well as a digital camera. High-speed wi-fi and maybe server space for website hosting as well as testing. List of the service you plan to offer and the corresponding fee. You also need a contract that breaks down your policies and terms and condition – see here some guidelines for writing a proposal for web design projects.

There are other things you need to consider to come up with a fruitful home-based business such as a good business plan, which outlines the services you offered, target clients as well as financial goals. A marketing plan should also be included. This must include the target market as well as how to plan to reach it. You also need your own online presence that represents your skills and shows your portfolio of jobs online. Brochures, business cards, and other types of marketing materials are also needed. 

You also need a strong network for possible referrals. When you say network, it encompasses those you have worked with previously. You must have a team or network of graphic designers, copywriters, writers, and others involved in web development. Some clients want a website with graphics and text. So, having a network, you have other companies you can refer your customer to, and other companies are able to refer their patron back to you for website design. 

After setting up a home-based business, you have to begin searching for a client. Finding clients is not an easy task, but there are simple and effective ways on how to attract clients like using your network. Gather reviews and testimonials and make a plan for getting referrals, as getting repeat as well as referral clients are the most efficient and reasonable way to develop a home-based web design business. 

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