The Benefits of Mentioning Influential Bloggers in Your Posts

The early days, until someone starts to recognize and trust you, are the hardest. This is why influential bloggers will not mind you linking back to them and using their content as a means of backing up your statements. Why would they mind? It’s free traffic, links and more recognition to them. I am almost tempted to cross out the word benefits already.

What is the first name that comes to your mind when you think about a influential blogger? Does it happen to be Darren Rowse from ProBlogger? Whoever he is, he has probably taught you something from his own personal experience.Microphone

Influential bloggers are just like normal bloggers, with the exception of having been around the industry for a tiny bit longer than you have. Sometimes that tiny bit spreads across ten years of experience with blogging, public speaking and promoting. Seth Godin? This guy ring a bell? We can all be influential bloggers and personas, if we happen to wish for something like that.

There is a noticeable change in quality that a influential blogger brings to the table, and even more noticeable following of people, which makes their content quickly go viral between their associated niches. It’s easier for me to remember people who have taught me something about blogging, rather than knitting.

The Advantages of Mentioning Influential Bloggers

The are disadvantages as well, we will get to them shortly.

Content That Backs You Up

When creating, writing content at the beginning of your blogging career, you often want to make statements that might seem outrageous to the average blog visitor, at this point it is a good idea to link back to the original place where you read that statement. This way nothing that you say can be questioned or assumed false.

It doesn’t of course have to be an influential blogger at all times. News outlets, Wikipedia, education website, they all can be linked to in case you are not sure someone is going to trust what you are saying, or you simply need to backup your claims of statistics.

The Possibility of Recognition

This has also been quoted as a method of link building because of how successful it can be. The idea is that whenever you link to another blogger quoting his content, you can always email or message him on social media and let him know about your article. More often that not, other bloggers will be more than happy to link back to you through Twitter or Google+, and even through one of their blog posts for exceptional content.

Never attempt to forcefully create content with links to other bloggers in hopes that you will be recognized as a legitimate blogger. It’s not the way it works, and it’s hardly fun.

Continuously Learning

The last advantage of linking back to legitimate sources is that you continuously learn new things, like how to create compelling content, how to put together pieces of content, and of course the subject you are learning as well.

When putting together pieces of content it is guaranteed you are going to touch different aspects of the subject.

The Disadvantages of Mentioning Influential Bloggers

And now for the fun part.


Not everyone, but some people tend to go into lazy mode once they realize they can borrow content and put it in their own words, while that is not an uncommon thing, doing it regularly (on daily basis) is something I honestly don’t advise to do. You become obsessed with creating content that way, and learn twice as less as you normally would.

Depending on Others Too Much

Similar to laziness. When you depend on others you stop producing quality content. The whole idea of publishing something good is that you know what it is about. You just can’t stop quoting what others have to say and end up being like a translator, focus on creating your own voice and brand.


Depending on the method you use, Google might start noticing how you operate your website. This of course is the worst case scenario, but I just want to make it clear that while these methods are legitimate and used by many websites, trying too hard will hardly have any results.