The cryptocurrency war is still going on, and the amount of cryptocurrencies available is reaching new heights, literally – to the moon. Still, I stand with what I have said in my previous posts about Bitcoin, here and here. It has come to my understanding that a lot more websites and companies, even local businesses are starting to accept Bitcoin as an means of payment.

TipperCoin is a website designed to help you with tipping people over at Twitter. It currently supports only Bitcoin, but people on Hacker News have been suggesting that alternatives need to be put in place, like Dogecoin for example. Much tip. Wow.

TipperCoin Homepage

How it Works

  1. TipperCoin authenticates your identity when you Sign In via Twitter. A unique Bitcoin address is then created for you.
  2. Your account becomes activated when you deposit sufficient Bitcoins (0.0002 BTC).
  3. Now you can send Bitcoins over twitter by tweeting at anyone (they do not need an account to initially receive Bitcoins). For example, “@friend, thanks bro, here’s 0.01 BTC #tippercoin
  4. The TipperCoin Bot, @tippercoin, constantly listens for every tweet containing #tippercoin or @tippercoin. The Bot will then parse the tweet, looking for the recipient and send amount. (See Below)
  5. As soon as the funds are sent, both you and the recipient will receive a confirmation tweet.
  6. An account is automatically created for the recipient if they do not already have one. The recipient will then need to authenticate via twitter within 21 days to receive the Bitcoins, otherwise, the Bitcoins are automatically refunded to the sender.

TipperCoin Examples

The process is straightforward and doesn’t take long before you know how it works. The last thing left to mention is that the source code is available for everyone to download at GitHub. In case you are looking for the equivalent of tipping people over email, Coinbase might do the trick.

Example Tweets