CRM software for real estate is basically an integrated contact management system, which assists realtors in keeping all the customer’s information in a centralized database. This system can also help real estate agents have a collaboration with partners and enable them to get a holistic view of the client’s touchpoints. 

With the best CRM for real estate agents, you can view appointments, conversations, and all other activities on the emails and websites that enhance follow-ups. You may use CRM software to automate your daily tasks from capturing prospective clients and sending messages. This will enable you to close deals and concentrate on establishing a long-lasting and strong relationship with clients. Some of the best CRMs for realtors include: 

1. Pipedrive

Pipedrive is a pipeline management solution and web-based Sales CRM, which enables businesses like real estates to monitor deals and plan sales activities. Since it’s designed using an activity-based selling technique, Pipedrive streamlines each action associated with converting potential deals into successful sales. User interface (UI) in this CRM software can be worth a lot compared to the expense and time that some tools need for training. 

In addition, its mailing system integrates with many email service providers, including Yahoo, Gmail, and Outlook, to allow users to receive and send mails from their Pipedrive account. Apart from email service providers, users can also integrate the software with some leading CRM tools, including MailChimp, Trello, and Google Maps, to transfer communication history and contact details across the application. 

Pros of Pipedrive

  • Easy to navigate
  • Reasonable price
  • Free trials
  • Deal-driven workflow and intuitive interface
  • Email synchronization and solid mobile apps with call features

2. KnockWise

KnockWise is a real estate program that you can use to ease the buying and selling process of properties, and it may change how you do business in the industry. You can also map your real estate company, manage follow-ups, track performance, and store your clients’ information. 

This software is completely a game-changer for many realtors because it may allow them to offer MLS data and original homeowner title. Realtors can also use the program to view reports, filter results, and take snapshots. 

Pros of KnockWise

  • Free training
  • Great customer support
  • Simple to use
  • Updated records to keep users informed
  • Provides additional information

3. Moxi Engage

Moxi Engage was designed for realtors to leverage property data, encourage long-term leads, and align with the agent’s workflow. Being among the few platforms that automate emails, you can use Moxi Engage to personalize messages for every subscriber. 

By setting a goal in this software, you can raise your revenue by up to 10%. The goals dashboard offers you leverage MLS information, necessary for tracking your goal and encouraging you to concentrate on the final results. 

Pros of Moxi Engage

  • Enabled feature of sending videos as emails
  • Easy to integrate with different partners to improve customer’s experience
  • Super-friendly program
  • Perfect for managing contacts

4. RealtyBackOffice

RealtyBackOffice is a completely featured real estate CRM designed to offer top-notch solutions and serve SMEs or enterprises. It provides a wide range of services like calendar management, segmentation, file sharing, contract management, and accounting. 

The features of this software may include brokerage management comprising of white-label, sales reports, commission plans, office announcements, and custom templates. Other features of the software may encompass agent management, forms library, and integration. 

Pros of RealtyBackOffice

  • Saves a lot of time for tedious management tasks
  • Convenient for small real estate companies
  • Tracks lead sent to realtors
  • Uses friendly technology

Final Remarks!

A real estate career may be challenging at times. Clients may delay their purchase decision or get cold feet midway because of other financial commitments. No matter the hardships, you should remain strong and develop an effective strategy to gain a competitive advantage.

Being tenacious in the pursuit to scout for new opportunities and convert leads into clients may not be enough. You will also need the best real estate CRMs like RealtyBackOffice and KnockWise to manage workflows and personalize marketing campaigns.

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