I’m a huge follower for anything that’s related to small businesses, and how it’s possible to expand them, take them to new regions and even help people by doing that what you love. I’m really blown away by the amount of people realizing that they can start something of their own, even if it takes a long time to do it. The part where we dedicate ourselves, is also the part which we reflect upon the most – once the goal has been achieved.

Social media has been growing immensely, I was on a big internet break in 2012 and 13, and when I returned in late 2013 I was surprised that social media has started to become a channel of personal economy, helping small business owners make sales directly from the social platforms that they use.

It’s not all about Twitter, Facebook or Google+ – we’re really seeing the growth of new niche markets, and niche social platforms that enable business owners to come together, brainstorm and even do business.

This new infographic from LinkedIn looks at the growth of small businesses in the past couple of years, and how social media has affected a big part of that growth. It takes a look at strategies that small business owners are using to power their brands, and how they’re able to learn as they go.

More and more companies are spending their advertising dollars on social media, and social media ads. I’m really excited to see what we’ve got in store for us next, and which direction the whole trend is going to take. Enjoy the infographic! :)

How Small Business are Making Things Happen on Social Media in 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

source by LinkedIn