More and more companies are switching to using Scrum practices and the Agile framework for organizing and implementing project management for each new product. The benefits of this kind of change are significant and include increased collaboration between team members, increased satisfaction among your customers, and better quality of finished products.

The best thing about Scrum is that it completely changes the mindset of all involved in the development of the product, but more than just being well-prepared and having that willing spirit, you need to implement some tools and software that can help things run as smoothly as possible.

In the following post, therefore, we are going to look at some of the best available tools used by a Certified Scrum Master. 

The project management tool gets mentioned a lot by teams that use Scrum successfully. They raise the importance of having a qualified and accredited training provider such as Scrum With Style, see The importance is driven by many courses of questionable quality being released through platforms such as Eventbrite and others. 

Monday is an extremely effective and powerful PM software that can be used by teams to help them plan and then implement projects that produce results on time. It doesn’t even matter whether you are all working from an office or remotely. 

What makes it so popular is how intuitive and flexible it is, which makes it quick and simple for using to onboard team members along with the fact that it allows you to make a fully bespoke workflow that works best for you. 

There are also plenty of excellent productivity features you can use such as timeline monitoring and integration, automated notifications, and time tracking to push your team to achieve better and quicker results at every stage of a project.


Yodiz is a web-based app that was designed and launched in Finland and this is a full Scrum tool that also features the ability to plan and set priorities, release schedules and an issue tracker, along with a dashboard that gives you a clear view of the overall progress of your projects along with real-time messaging so that you can get direct updates from different team members. 

As it has been made fully with Scrum in mind there are visual boards you can use for managing user stories and sprint planning and it can integrate with numerous popular and common web services, with Android and iOS apps, and with the free user plan up to 3 team members can get access. 


Another web-based Agile PM software designed to support Kanban, Scrum, and other lean and agile frameworks, TargetProcess has an extremely visual user interface. 

From this interface, you can utilize timelines, lists, boards, and many other customized views to manage your projects. There are native apps for Android and iOS devices.


One of the things we like most about VersionOne is that it is an Agile-friendly PM software that has been designed to be easily scaled up or down as you need it. As it works in conjunction with open Agile integration connectors, you can run it very quickly on various platforms you may already be using. 

It can function as on-premises, local infrastructure, or as a SaaS and it supports the various methodologies that are commonly used such as XP, Lean, Kanban, and Scrum. 

With alignment possible at portfolio, program, and team levels, it is essentially a complete lifecycle management tool. There is not a lot this piece of software does not have.


One of the most popular and industry-leading Scrum tools is undoubtedly AltexSoft. This also can either be installed at your premises or utilized as a SaaS. 

There is a stunning array of features and tools you have access to when you choose Axesoft, including those to help plan sprints, version, release, and backlog items. You also have access to reports and views that help you keep track of burndown, capacity indicators, and velocity charts. 

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