We’ve already seen what the future is going to look like. We’ve seen contact lenses created for diabetics, to save their lives. We’re seeing a lot of technological breakthroughs that are changing the way people live their lives.

Evolution doesn’t happen by itself, and there has to be technology for it to grow and become meaningful in the modern times that we live. I never thought that carrying around your phone would later turn out to be a way of tracking my calories and health status, to a certain extent of course.

The wearable technology that we currently have in the health industry is a lot about outer, ‘on body’ accessories that can track and analyze everything that happens outside of your body. The new technology, however, wants to go inside of you (think: microchips) and start tracking the data there.

This can go so wrong, in so many ways – I’ve got to put it out there. The NSA, etc,. You’d think they wouldn’t want to have access to people 24/7, by having a chip inside of your brain which supposedly tracks activity, when in reality it tracks your every single thought. Just a bit of reality I’m throwing out there!

This very infographic at the bottom of it will inform you that one of the ‘cons’ of having wearable and even digestible health technology is that it’s computerized and hackers, government agencies could ‘try’ and gain access to your data.

It sounds hilarious, because we haven’t seen anything like it yet.

Google Glass (which literally just now got upgraded) is potentially going to set some standards for the modern technology and how it can help to detect the well-being of the wearer. We’ll have to wait and see how that pans out.

The Future of Wearable Health Accessories [INFOGRAPHIC]

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