Choosing an LMS software isn’t the easiest of tasks. Every second day, you see a host of cost-effective Learning Management Systems coming into the market. It can be said that there certainly isn’t a dearth of choices. In fact, having so many choices at hand can end up complicating things. Even if you happen to be a veteran, you’ll need some time to put two and two together. Under such circumstances, understanding the needs and requirements of your employees comes in handy.

As stated above, an LMS should always be purchased after taking into consideration the needs and requirements of your employees. Furthermore, you need an LMS that can be accessed by everybody. It doesn’t really matter how well-designed the LMS is. If your end user finds it hard to get used to the LMS, then all your hard work is bound to go unnoticed. As a developer, you need to develop software that provides your end users with a solution. A solution that will help eliminate the present set of challenges faced by the users.

Take this for an example: Suppose, you are planning to build an LMS. Before beginning with the programming bit, you need to understand the requirements of your end user. If the requirement is to build a software that enhances the time management skills of the employees, then you’ll have to develop assignments and worksheets which are bound by deadlines. These worksheets will encourage them to use the stipulated time effectively.

Moving on, before hitting the market in order to buy an LMS, undertaking small research is definitely a good idea. You can compare LMS software. Here are some of the most widely used LMS software.

1. TalentLMS


If you’re looking for a highly efficient LMS software that runs on the cloud, then TalentLMS is tailormade for you. The system can be customized according to the needs and requirements of your workforce. Also, the software provides comprehensive analytics which covers all aspects of your company’s E-learning environment. Furthermore, the app’s design is highly responsive. It can be accessed using a wide range of devices (iOS and Android). The software can be of immense help to organizations wishing to educate their customers and employees regarding the company’s scope of operations, work culture, beliefs, etc. Some software’s striking features include gamification, extensible user profiles, notifications, course selling, video conferencing, etc.


• The learning portal gets deployed within minutes
• The interface is simple
• It can be customized
• Works on Android and Apple iOS

2. Schoology

digital school

Schoology is one of the most innovative Learning Management Systems available in the market. It can also be doubled up as a social networking app. The software lets you collaborate and distribute academic content. Schoology, as the name suggests, is a software that focuses on students. Learners can be roped in with ease. You can also share

It offers a collaborative blended learning environment to make the conventional LMS more efficient. Plus, the LMS provides an adaptable learning solution that integrates content management.
Schoology is a student-centric and simple LMS that boosts collaboration and helps to rope in learners.


• Uses advanced analytics
• Encourages collaboration
• Analysis of hard data
• Allows a closer engagement with users

These are two of the most widely used systems. Other systems that can be used are:

• Docebo
• LitmosLMS
• Edmodo
• Skyprep

As stated earlier, there is certainly not a dearth of choices, you just need to keep track of all your needs and requirements. Always take into consideration the audiences you wish to cater to. They are the heart and soul of your business.