When it comes to software development outsourcing models, users tend to think immediately of the “handing over the project to a third party” factor; and then, they determine the partner based on two main factors: service price, product quality, and the relationship between customer and supplier. These factors complement each other, creating a market of many interesting, competitive outsourcing teams.

However, because such competitive diversity has created a rather complex scene with all kinds of companies, teams, and organizations large-small, competing for “delicious cake” from each other. Therefore, businesses tend to search for software outsourcing teams by country; because the very education and culture of that country will partly lead to feasible or poor quality work results. And as expected, one of the leading countries in information technology in the world is India – with an abundant, talented workforce, reasonable competitive outsourcing service prices, and outstanding quality products. 

The following article will partly provide necessary information about the top 5 offshore software development companies in India.

How important is software development in our lives?

Nowadays, a successful business model of achieving success is indispensable to the contribution of online marketing. It is believed that, in the next few years, it will be one of the leading ways of determining the level of development of businesses – not only in economically developed countries but also in countries. smaller increments. Most businesses need the support of online platforms and mobile apps because their own customers need to be more innovative and exciting in their shopping experience and increase competitiveness compared to competitors.

Therefore, software development is considered to be in the “booming” phase, because the demand is increasing and exceeding the available human resources of countries. Hence, the form of outsourcing is getting more and more attention, at the same time, it is also a specific business activity. In which, a company hires a third party to perform the tasks and handle the operation. Depending on the needs and different cases, that third party can be countries with potentials and strengths in software development such as Finland, Ukraine, India, Vietnam, or Singapore.

After accepting duties from the business side, the outsourcing company, known as a service provider or third-party provider, will arrange for the staff with appropriate work equipment to perform the tasks or services on-site at the rental company’s own premises or at external locations.

Top offshore software development companies in India

In India, there are many companies specializing in software outsourcing for other countries; Most of these companies have received many compliments from international partners. Based on a variety of factors, the companies listed below are top offshore software development companies in India based on high votes from GoodFirms.


Tatvasoft has more than 20 years in the industry, registering its global presence with offices in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India. They have versatile domain experience and a talented team with over 900 software professionals with diverse technology and background skills spanning Microsoft .NET, Java, Node, PHP, Angular, React, Mobile Apps, and Ecommerce; and this has allowed them to bring a centralized digital solution to the business.


Established in 1998, IndiaNIC is India’s leading mobile, web, and mobile game development company with over 7,000 projects, building long-term relationships with more than 3500+ clients from many fields. The size of the company now numbers more than 400 web and mobile developers, designers, and marketing specialists.

IndiaNIC has expertise in Mobile Apps, Games, Portal, Ecommerce, Custom Business Applications, Software Development using the latest technologies according to current trends and changing over time.

Unified Infotech

A technology company that has won many different awards and has cooperated with large enterprises around the world, along with SMEs and startups. These client companies have turned to Unified Infotech as a partner providing their end-to-end solutions for tailored software, web, and mobile apps. They cleverly used the combination of smart planning, the latest design thinking approach, and technology to help their customers accelerate their business.


Inflexion was established and operated since 1999. Since then, Iflexion has helped companies in many different industries optimize their business processes through customized software solutions. Inflexion has a professional team of more than 850 IT experts; As a result, Iflexion can serve customers around the world, addressing the IT needs of companies of all sizes, from startups to large enterprises.


With over 30 years of founding experience, SPEC INDIA specializes in Custom Software Development, Web & Mobile Application Development, BI & Analytics Solutions, Automated Testing and Security, Legacy Software Migration, Engineering Product Art, and IoT Solutions.

SPEC INDIA has a team of more than 300 Consultants, Innovative Domestic / Foreign Model and Expansion Development Centers. This is also the result of their 30-year journey of serving customers, with expertise in industries such as Retail & FMCG, Sales & Distribution, Manufacturing, Healthcare. Health, Transportation & Logistics, Energy & Utilities, and Real Estate.

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