According to a recent study, nearly 39 percent of the business owners polled claimed they had an app built to increase sales. Improving customer service levels was the motivation behind building an app for 30 percent of the business owners in the same study.

Regardless of why you have built an app to offer to the masses, making sure it works well is vital. Most business owners are familiar with the practice of server and infrastructure monitoring for computer networks but are unaware this same tool can be used for apps.

By investing in this type of monitoring, you can easily detect issues with your app and fix them before employees or customers have a meltdown. Simply relying on your own understanding of mobile apps and technology will lead to a number of problems when it comes to maintaining these programs.

Read below to find out about the Ultimate DevOps Solution and some of the problems you can catch and address with app monitoring software.

Dealing With Heterogeneous Environments

Many of the apps on the market today are both highly complex and feature a diverse array of content. These heterogeneous apps are being built to run alongside established legacy programs. In some cases, this tightrope balancing act can create disastrous situations and can lead to an app crashing.

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On the flipside of this coin is older digital environments that haven’t been serviced or supported for decades. Introducing a new app into one of these old environments can create a lot of problems. If you are in the process of implementing a new app into an older digital infrastructure, you need to invest in monitoring.

Modern monitoring software can tell you where problems exist and what needs to be done to fix them. When allowing IT professionals to handle the repairs an app needs, you can rest assured they are done correctly.

Peeling Back the Layers of Multiple Single Point Failures

In every IT environment there are multiple parts that have to work together. The more layers your app has, the harder it will be for it to remain stable and reliable. Instead of having to settle for a basic app, you need to invest time and money into monitoring your program.

If an app experiences multiple single points of failure, chances are it is going to completely crash. While many app servers use High Availability (HA) architectures to prevent infrastructure failures, they can only protect so much.

The last thing you want is for your app to exhaust system resources like CPU, memory or database space without you knowing about. With monitoring in place, you can find out about these resource bottlenecks and address them quickly.

Addressing Problems With Job Failures

Most of the processing your app does happens in batch mode. If a critical job within a batch of data fails, it can shut the whole system down. Generally, there are no corrective procedures in place to compensate for these failures. This is why finding out about them as quickly as possible is a must.

Adequate app monitoring will allow you to discover a job failure and take the appropriate steps needed to address them quickly. Without this type of monitoring, you will have a difficult time finding out information like the type of job that has failed, the retry options available or even the business impact of this failure.

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Rather than being this far removed from the state of your app, you need adequate infrastructure monitoring in place.

Honing in On the Cause of Network Issues

When offering up an app for mass distribution, you will be hard pressed to guarantee any type of service levels especially if the Internet has to be used for data transfer on the program in question. Regardless of if you are using private WAN links or WIFI to fuel the data transfer option on your app, outages are bound to occur.

If left unattended, these network issues can lead to your app going offline for a while. This will generally result in a lot of angry phone calls from customers. App monitoring software can help you detect these issues and may even offer you the ability to manually intervene and restart a failed data transfer process.

Helping With Locked Accounts

Generally, a number of different accounts will be tied to an app. Having a number of different network administrators can help you find out about problems quickly. In some cases, users will have a hard time keeping up with their passwords.

There are also times when the termination of an account can lead to application failures. These failures can have a very serious impact on app availability. Being notified about these issues with the help of app monitoring can help you handle them and restore functionality to your program in a hurry.

Finding the Right App Monitoring Program

Now that you know just how important app monitoring is, you are probably curious about how to find the right program to help you out. There is no denying that the app monitoring options on the market are vast. This is why you need to avoid rushing through this important decision due to the mistakes it will cause.

The main thing to look at when trying to choose an app monitoring program is how effective it is. Often times, you can find a number of reviews about a particular program online. When looking over these reviews, pay attention to how user-friendly past customers say it is. Getting a monitoring program that is too complicated to use will only lead to frustration over time.

Many of the app monitoring programs out there will have demo versions of their products to offer to prospective customers. Taking advantage of a demo can let you take a program for a test drive before you invest your hard earned money into buying it.

You Need Professional Help!

If you are confused about what type of monitoring to get, consulting with seasoned IT professionals is your best bet. They will be able to give you a rundown of what programs can best meet the needs and demands of your app.