Facebook Dynamic Ads

Advertising and marketing are necessary evils for any ecommerce store. How else will shoppers learn about your store and its products? You may even be engaged in some form of advertising right now. But if you are still paying for banner ads and email marketing campaigns, you might want to think about employing something a little more advanced.

For years, advertisers have been re-imagining ways to serve ads that are more relevant to consumers; which is why Facebook rolled out a new way to reach broader audiences, known as ‘dynamic ads.’

Dynamic ads are changing the game by targeting enterprise e-commerce visitors (across a number of sites) with advertisements about similar products. For example, you may see a Facebook ad about designer coffee tables after having visited several furniture websites.
However, it is important to note that dynamic ads are really only useful for big enterprise e-commerce companies with plenty of online traffic. Smaller sites are limited by the amount of traffic they receive since dynamic ads try to, in some cases, reach people whom have already visited the site.

Below are a few ways you can use Facebook’s dynamic ads to boost your visitors and sales.

Advertising for the New Era

Today, there are nearly 2 billion active users worldwide on Facebook. Now that’s a wide audience! The trouble now is culling the crowd to target the right kind of consumer since not everyone is going to be interested in your offerings. How does Facebook do this?
The popular social media site tracks user browsing information to better understand each consumer. Now combine this with Facebook’s ability to collect data on what users ‘like,’ comment on, interact with and share, along with their personal information. In the end what you get is a comprehensive profile of each shopper, which can be exploited by savvy brands.

In some cases, the prospective shopper will see an advertisement for products they were previously pursuing while some users will find recommendations from sites they’ve never been to before. Think of this as a more agile ‘you might also like’ section on your enterprise e-commerce page hosted on the world’s hottest social platform.
Worried about creating a complex ad campaign? No problem. Facebook’s dynamic ads follow a reactive and easy-to-use template. With a few simple clicks, you can serve an advertisement to a target audience complete with current price, product description, custom headlines and more. You can even schedule recurring uploads that automatically regenerate notices for new products and sales.

That’s not to say dynamic ads are something you can just set and forget. They are specially crafted to engage and interest consumers rather than just get in front of as many eyeballs as possible. As Business 2 Community says, “Dynamic ads helps brands get results faster by giving them more targeting options to focus on only those audience members most inclined to want or need their product or service.”
Facebook Likes
There are, of course, some drawbacks to dynamic ads. It is entirely possible that one of your competitors might snare an interested shopper over Facebook after the user visited your site for a similar product. On the other hand, this could benefit your business by attracting new customers to your enterprise e-commerce site. It’s really something of a double-edged sword.

If you are interested in re-imagining your marketing and building a nimbler ad campaign, Facebook dynamic ads might be for you. With the right research and tweaks, you can increase the reach and revenue of your next campaign.