Everyone running an online business or a personal blog struggles with getting attention on their page. Serious companies are going to hire a marketer or a team of people to handle this issue. But actually good marketing campaigns can be done easily – if you know-how.

There are dozens of ways to get more visits to a page. Some of these methods work better in one niche, while others fit better in another. If you’re about to launch a marketing campaign and raise awareness for your products and brand, you need to know what your options are. We’re about to share five methods that are going to help you create a valuable marketing campaign. Follow up and see more!

1. Native Advertising

Native advertising is a form of content marketing. Everyone in the world of advertising knows that content is king when it comes to promoting your product. There’s no good ad without having impeccable content.

The essence of advertising is transferring a company message to the users and convincing them to get the offered product. The only problem with Internet users is that they can easily spot a cold commercial and skip it. That’s where native advertising comes into play.

Native advertising is done by inserting valuable content that the user won’t notice it’s paid. This is not an easy job, so most marketers use software to do it for them. Software, such as the Voluum DSP native advertising platform will help create, publish, and generate visits. These types of software are also great for tracking and scaling ad performance.

2. Affiliate marketing

More and more businesses let affiliates handle their sales. If you own an amazing product, but you have a hard time reaching clients, running an affiliate marketing website, or finding someone to do it for you can be of great value for the company and the products.

Affiliate marketing pages are filled with valuable content for the readers. As the visitors go through the content, they come across links leading them to where your products are sold. These places are called landing pages and are made exclusively for product sales.

3. Appearing in Search Results

It can be done in two ways – SEO and SEM. The first one means optimizing your website to be visible in the search engine results through organic search, and the second means Search Engine Marketing – which is paid advertisement.

SEO is a complex and lengthy process but ultimately leads to a ton of organic visits. The SEM means a fast and easy appearance on the top of the SERPs but is more expensive and works in short terms. The business owner should decide what works best for them and the company.

4. Social Media Marketing

Did you know that around 4 billion people are active on social media? Facebook alone provides access to about 2.85 billion people. That means you can create a fantastic ad that will go viral on social media and reach a potential audience of billions.

Creating a video that will be catchy or an infographic providing valuable and interesting information can go around from user to user, putting your brand logo on the map of the most visible businesses on the Internet. With just a little investment, you may gain billions of potential customers.

5. Email marketing

Last but definitely not least is the email marketing method. It is proven that email marketing provides the highest ROI out of all known marketing campaign strategies. The average ROI of email marketing is 122%, four times more than any other channel out there.

The art of email marketing is not easily achieved, though. A true professional needs to create the email, and if successful, you may see tremendous results. Some marketers claim to get an ROI of more than 1000% for their email marketing investments.


Every business needs a strong marketing campaign. It’s a corporate rule to set aside at least 20% of the earnings for marketing purposes. Choose your perfect strategy and invest these funds in it so you can see excellent results later. If you do things right and create an outstanding campaign, you’ll get tons of new clients.