When I typed “best gift for men” into Google, I received over 2 billion search results. Not particularly surprising—It is often SUPER hard to pinpoint the best gifts for your boyfriend or husband. However, striking the perfect balance with our roundup of gifts shows an appropriate amount of how much you care. Before settling for boring gifts, take some time to think about what the man you are shopping for would love to unwrap. The best thing to do in this case is to make a list of things he might like. Is he a total techie? Fashion lover? A world traveler? Deep breaths, from the surprisingly affordable to the super luxe, we’ve got you.

It is important to give your boyfriend or husband something trendy but can be something they can use or wear for a long time. Even you can give him something for the office, keep in mind he spends a good part of the day there.

To be honest, finding such items is quite hard. I start thinking if there is any information or recommendation for a selection of evergreen choices that can always be trendy. 

I started compiling the best gift ideas for the last 5 years and found that usually the simplest items always are the most popular on google. And, one place you can find some great ideas is from Pinterest. Many of the posts have been on the top pages for more than 1 year. Whether it is the holidays, his birthday, or your anniversary, we promise you will not be stuck on wrapping up a tie. We even found customizable gifts that you can make extra special, just for him. 

After over 3 months of observations from the changing of search trends, we found that there are four things you could buy for your boyfriend or husband in a special event. They are not just like a specific item but a type of thing you could look into it. 

Let’s check it out. 

Custom accessories with class and reasonable price

Why do we list a custom bracelet as our first pick? 

If you are the type that can already offer a $15,000 Rolex watch then you don’t need our advice. Just go ahead and buy him that, he will love it. Now, if you are looking at something as unique, as nice, and can bring a personal touch. You should always consider custom jewelry. You don’t have to purchase a very expensive piece from David Yurman of $5000, but you can go for jewelry that can provide some customization. Who doesn’t want to receive something have their name engraved or designs that represent them. 

As a man, I could spend a bit more on the customized service from an independent brand rather than buying from a big brand. One day I was searching for a custom bracelet and personalized jewelry. To my surprise, there are not many choices and the one caught my eyes is the Azuro Republic

The first impression of Azuro Republic is sophistication and how to refine the handcrafted jewelry is. It is because they have a set of handcrafters and factories in Thailand and Taiwan that give them the ability to provide such a high-quality custom bracelet. 

The images on the website seem very high quality, and like what is shown online, the quality of the gemstones and silver is very nice. What I had is their enamel collection and I do email them in regard to the pattern detail of the gemstones. Their customer service team took the time to explain to me what the processes of shaping gemstones and their quality control procedures are. I am quite satisfied with the responses, and it felt like they are not just selling you a product but do want you to be a part of the craftsmanship venture.

If you have a better custom jewelry brand in mind, please go for it. I am here only to give you my opinion of what is best. By the way, their Tiger Eye bracelet is legit!

A functional and portable item as a gift:

People can be coming from all walks of life. But one thing is in common for most men. We want things to be light and simple, and never want to carry too many necessary items with us. 

Trust me, if you can get him a phone case that can have some pockets to put in some cash and credit card, he would be very appreciative. Now, with this internet, online payment applications dominating the world we might not even be needing a credit card anymore. If that is the case, what can we get him? 

I have thought of what could be a futuristic or even an item that can fit into the transformation of lifestyle we live in. A smartwatch with app integration functions – this could be a perfect solution for men too lazy to even bring out their phones in a pocket. Just a kind reminder, make sure you set it up for them or they may wear but never know it can be used for payment.

There are two brands I could recommend. Apple Watch Series 5, after the first four series, it applies a ceramic and titanium finish but still at the affordable price of $399 retail price. Samsung Galaxy Watch Active 2, the round shape surface feels so comfortable if you want to have a morning jog, and at a price of $368. 

I have an Apple watch series 4, and really aside from paying my morning Starbucks, I use it to detect my heart rate. All the fancy functions I don’t really need. But why do I still recommend you to buy a branded product? Quality – the watch has never run into any malfunction and the battery lasts quite long. 

If you have a boyfriend or husband who loves 3C products then they can immerse themselves in the full guide book, this would make him play with it for a while. 

A morning getaway for a refreshing moment: 

You don’t have to spend a lot of money for an insolation mug. Yes, it has to be an insolation mug. Who has a whole hour to just slip on a cup of coffee? Most of the people get cramped up from the meetings and tasks in the morning and don’t really have a full period to just sit and chill. 

You don’t need me to tell you how a cold coffee taste like right?

Small things in life count. In this fast pacing, information dominating world, we sometimes try to grab any moment to enjoy life, to remind us we are in control of our own time. If your boyfriend or husband is a big coffee drinker like me, he is not just drinking coffee for the sake of drinking it. It more like a way of life, without that morning ritual you cannot do anything right. 

After an intense online meeting with clients, you can have a sip of a warm coffee you bought hours ago. How satisfying it is? Go get your boyfriend or husband a nice looking and insulated mug.

For this kind of product, you do not need to buy a branded item. I suggest you check on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to support startup companies. The product usually is at a highly discounted price and with decent quality. Most importantly you are supporting more young entrepreneurs to create and put their ideas into reality.

A set of home exercise machines

If you and your boyfriend or husband has not yet started working out, then home equipment is the simplest and costless way to start such routines. 

If he goes to the gym routinely, but can’t do anything during this period. I suggest you get him some home workout equipment. Of course, it would be difficult to collect a full set of barbells and free weight machines. But you can always start with a door-dweller or a set of TRX. 

Bodyweight exercises are an effective way to maintain your muscle mass. If you set it up to your home work out sessions, I suggest you check out some home workout exercises from Youtube. I follow a 30 mins routine, Squat jump, Pull-ups, Push-ups, and TRX pike. If I get another 10 mins I will do some home dumbbell concentric and eccentric biceps and triceps. Every set is a full four exercises and up to 15-20 reps, then follow a 45 secs break and for a total of 5 sets. Don’t just buy the machines or equipment and leave it there for dust. Start a home workout routine with your other half. I guarantee you, you will have even a better relationship. 

Now, I think you definitely have something in mind which gift is the best fit for your man. So, put your ideal gift in the cart and buy it right now! And you will see your loved one wears a big smile when he receives the special gift you select. Stop worrying about what to shop for him, after all, he will be appreciative of whatever you get for him. 

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