There may be tens of background check service providers, but no two are completely identical. This makes the choice of a provider quite challenging. This review will describe the service, its pluses and minuses, and give you the information you need to decide if you want to give this company a shot.

Pluses and Minuses

The first search for Checkpeople is always free. We tested it, and the results were accurate. There is also a near-instant search of the Deep Web, which hosts information that is typically hard to find. The intuitive site features reverse phone lookup and a 5-day trial for a token price. 

On the downside, the cancellation process is cumbersome. According to a small number of users, the site doesn’t do a very good job of clarifying the pricing structure.

Checkpeople: The Facts 

Although it’s only been in business for seven years, this background search service has already garnered quite a few reviews. You can choose between a subscription and payment per report. Customer service is available by email, through an online form, and by phone 24/7.


The company uses public records to respond to queries for information. Their site is very easy to use. Sometimes, only the first and last name is enough to learn what you need to know about someone. You can see who’s behind a certain phone number using the reverse phone lookup function. It’s possible to find someone faster and optimize search results if you give the site more information about them, such as names of family members or which city and state someone is from.

A person’s location and contact information will be useful if you want to find a way to reach them. All of this info is available on Checkpeople. The search often yields the names of people’s relatives or even their marital status. 

Best Features 

The Deep Web search can show profiles on social media, websites, blog posts, and links related to the subject of your search. This feature is widely considered one of the best because of how thorough the checks are. There is a lot of things that you can find out, even if you don’t have any information apart from someone’s name and current address.

Checkpeople can find any criminal history data that is public record, including sex offender details, warrants, and criminal records. The search tool can unearth professional data, property ownership, property assets, business connections, and other financial records. You will learn more about someone’s military history, job, and education. 

Using the Findings 

You can use the findings to check an online date, a new roommate, neighbor, or coworker, to find friends and family, or to have the identity of an online seller verified. These are just some of the possible purposes of a Checkpeople search. However, you can’t use the information from background check providers like these to screen tenants or employees because they aren’t a CRA in the legal sense.  

Pricing Information 

This background check service has more pricing options than many of its counterparts. Each of their tiered membership plans is appropriate for a different budget level. The fees are lower than the market average. 

After the virtually free 5-day trial, the site applies a fee of just under $45 a month. This happens automatically unless you cancel before the end of the trial. Their one- and two-month plans both feature unlimited reverse phone lookup and background reports. They cost $27.65 and $22.97 per month, respectively. At $17.16 a month, the power plan’s features are limited. If you choose to pay per report, there is a flat rate of $4.95 each. 

Regardless of the payment plan you choose, the check won’t take more than several minutes. For an extra $7 per report, .pdf reports are available. 

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