How long can you do something before it becomes incredibly boring? Like with most things in life, we become bored and tired of repetition. Idea -> post -> social media distribution. Rinse and repeat. All day long. Sounds familiar, right?

You constantly try to find information on how-to improve your social media visibility and exposure, and it seems like we always receive the same answer. I myself believe in effortless content promotion on social media websites and so I try to limit my time spent on each site. The same answer, keep engaging and interacting. I am not going to tell you much different, but I will encourage you to stick with only one two social media accounts.

You only need to create one blog in order to understand how difficult it can (and is) be to manage multiple social media sites at the same time. Further into your career and time spent blogging, you understand that when you put focus only on one of the networks, your traffic and Return on Investment starts to rise and grow exponentially.

Which Social Media Sites to Distribute Content On for Best ROI

I could never make the decision for you, I could try and help you if you left a comment asking me for help and letting me know the niches you operate within. We know the six top social networking sites, and while we might think that publishing on them all is the way forward, it’s actually not.

Facebook for Fun, LinkedIn for Business

Google+ for Technology, Twitter for Everything.

I hope it made more sense that I thought it would. The idea of course is clear. Social media websites like our websites or blogs have niches that they seem to represent and thus making it more appealing to be on. Facebook might be more appealing than LinkedIn to a teenager, because the kid hasn’t developed and established a business yet. He is still looking for that funny content.

Chimp ThinkingLinkedIn on the other hand is somewhere I personally would go, because it’s obvious that my blog is about marketing, SEO, blogging and such. Instead of having to hope that people will “like” my business, I can directly make connections based on what I am looking for, right?

You have to decide and make it clear on which one or two social media networks you are going to spend most of your time on. For me, it’s Google+ and Twitter. In case you are wondering why, it’s because I blog about things that people using those networks are interested in.

Once you have decided, you can install SNAP: Social Networks Auto Poster, which will help you post content on those networks which you decided to “leave behind”.

Less is More

Just imagine that you have got five social media accounts active, and you SUPPOSEDLY think that you have to be a part of them all, I was there once too and I thought exactly the same thing, but you SUDDENLY come to a realization that you spend 5 hours a day working and 10 hours a day promoting. When in reality the numbers should be much lower than that. All because you have been told that promoting everywhere is the key to success.

I am trying to quote any particular person, it’s only common sense that I was inspired by. When you make a decision, like I did about the two social media websites I will use the most, you clear up a lot of time from your schedule and you have more energy to engage meaningfully and purposefully.

Facebook for example is hardly ideal for a website like mine, it’s more like a news feed for people who don’t know what Feedly is. (RSS even)

Where as Google+ and the blogging communities it has, I can allocate an hour daily to spend on these groups, reading and sharing new content and ideas, and it’s guaranteed that someone will get back to me with something more to add.

Most of the time it leads to people adding you to their circles and reaching out to you. This wouldn’t happen if I was only sharing content and trying to get more visitors. With all the time I have freed up from my schedule, I can now chat and create intelligent discussions.

You Already Know This

It only takes as little as pointing a finger towards something for it to become the center of the attention, wouldn’t you agree?

You can make your life easier and increase your websites exposure by limiting the social media networks you try to be a part of. Don’t look at it as a bad thing, look at it as a way of promoting and creating more meaningful connections with real people. You can always try something and turn back if you don’t like it. It’s your choice.

Even big news sites like Mashable, NYTimes, Huffington Post, they don’t utilize all social media platforms, instead they focus on one or two like Twitter and Facebook, because those are places where people will read their news, either shared by their friends or directly from the medium website.

I will gladly hear your success stories and opinions as well as personal advice. We need to invest in real relationships, it’s how it works and is only going to get more serious as the time goes by.