How to Convert YouTube Videos to mp3 Files

By on November 19, 2016

YouTube is an innovative platform that has influenced the lives of millions of people ever since it was created. Whether by raising awareness, educating people on various subjects, providing insight on how to make something or simply by providing entertainment, it is a truly impressive invention of the twenty-first century without which we can no Read More...


Top 3 Tips To Protect Your WordPress Page

By on November 12, 2016

Privacy is a very controversial topic these days. Every day we read about things such as NSA spying, whistleblowers getting doxxed and other such scary stories. Bloggers must be particularly careful of their privacy and should try making their WordPress sites as secure as possible. If you are still skeptical, consider what happened to Kristin Read More...


Just How Secure is your Data in the Cloud?

By on November 8, 2016

With RightScale’s 2016 State of the Cloud survey finding security to be the second most frequently cited challenge surrounding cloud computing – as mentioned by 29% of IT professionals polled – it’s understandable that when your organisation is contemplating a move to the cloud, many questions will revolve around security. Specialist firms like RedPixie are Read More...


3 Important Careers for Business-Focused Data Scientists

By on October 30, 2016

Computer science might forever remain the go-to field for broad tech knowledge, but specializations are becoming more and more valued by employers around the globe. For example, cybersecurity professionals are becoming increasingly necessary for businesses to keep private information digitally and physically safe. Information systems managers are focused on keeping networks live so businesses’ employees Read More...


5 Reasons to Not Pay in a Ransomware Attack

By on October 1, 2016

Ransomware threats have proved a real-time threat for the computer users for quite some time now. They attack your systems and hold it for ransom. Though these threats were originated in the late 80s, they still have momentum in the new millennium. In fact, criminals are building a new industry based on these malicious programs. Read More...