SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a concept that many people feel is completely different from content marketing; but did you know that should to go hand in hand? The success of one is directly dependent on the other. At first glance, these might seem to be completely different from each other, but in reality, help each other to reach success. These are two powerful tools that are basically two sides of the same coin. If you see them from within and try to understand their functioning, you will find that they are in fact working to achieve the same goal – which includes improving traffic to your website and conversion rates.

Agencies and companies that offer SEO services in Sydney, are quite aware of the fact that both SEO and content marketing go hand in hand, so they make sure that both are utilized to their full capacity. When the concept of SEO arrived, it was quite simple. You could maybe add a few keywords here and there or you know just experiment with the meta. When you had the elements in place, you could build a few links to your site and relax, as your traffic grew.

Nowadays, the process has become much more complicated. One major aspect is the fact that most search engines like Google, prefer nothing better than high quality content. You have to remember, whether you are using content marketing or SEO, content is a crucial aspect of both. You would also want your content to reach your target audience, for which SEO is absolutely crucial. You need to have a solid SEO strategy, if you want your online marketing strategy to succeed. You need to make sure that search engines like Google, find that your whole website is valuable and follows ethical practices.

What Are The Aspects That Make Seo & Content Marketing Different From Each Other?

SEO and content marketing do share a symbiotic relationship, but are different from each other in a few ways. The main ways that these two can be called different from each other is in the following way:

1. SEO is supposed to be technical and narrow
2.Content Marketing is holistic and broad

To many this might seem like a factor that sets apart one concept from the other, but in fact this is what helps unite the two to work efficiently and cohesively.

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What Are Aspects That Set Their Courses To Meet?

As mentioned before, SEO and content marketing are quite different and that is what sets their courses to meet. The courses do meet as certain aspects of each concept overlap. An experienced SEO agency can identify these overlaps and incorporate those into your website, enhancing traffic quite rapidly.

Are you feeling skeptical about the fact that two completely different concepts can in fact overlap with each other? To make it easier for you, here are some aspects that cause overlapping of SEO and content marketing:

1. Ranking New Pages: When you talk about SEO, what comes with it is ranking on search indexes. For good ranking, you need new content on a regular basis, but make sure that they are of high quality, otherwise, you risk losing out in the ranking. When you create new page, you are invariably creating the opportunity for better rankings. This way you are also creating a higher number of keywords to rank, but remember quality should not be muffled by quantity. Content quality and rankings are directly proportional, as one increases so does the other.

2. Optimization of Keywords: The application of keywords in your content is an innovative and effective way of reaching a wider, more diverse audience. The secret to doing this successfully is to not force the keywords into the content, but make it fit naturally. Failing to do so, you might be losing out on SEO and rankings.

3. Authority achieved with the help of Quality Content: One of the major factors that dictate your rankings is the quality of your content. When you use content to deliver the keywords and reach out to your audience, then you get better rankings and enhanced authority with site visitors.

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Why Does It Matter That The Paths Of Two Different Concepts Collide?

Most website owners end up focusing on just one side of the coin and completely forgetting about the other half. Would you want to be such a website owner? All website owners need to understand the importance of both SEO and content marketing. Both can be equally instrumental in helping your business grow.

Suppose, you focus on content building and not on SEO, then chances of losing out on top ranking is quite high. On the other hand, if you only focus on link building and SEO, then you might not be offering enough content or are offering low quality content, which would not be able to support link building. Just remember that SEO needs content for growth.

A stagnant and unchanging website can be the death of any business, so it is the duty of the website owners to supply high quality content that has been optimized on a regular basis. Search engines want to see that the websites are building strong and relevant content, so that they can deliver the best results to the users. Using SEO for the same page again and again can be useful, but if you combine new content on a regular basis, you might be pushing your ranking up the ladder and towards the top.

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Why Is It So Important To Create A Balance Between The Two?

When you want to plan online marketing strategies, you need to understand the importance of SEO and content marketing working together in harmony. True, that SEO needs a good amount of content, but you must never focus on just one aspect. On top of that, you need to make sure that you understand the need of the hour. Do you need blogging or a long form of evergreen content?

The many aspects of both the concepts need to be balanced, because they keep changing. Many people feel that pathway to creating the balance might be complex, but in fact it is quite easy.

Identification of your website’s purpose should be the start point of that procedure. If you feel that you want to attract users’ attention, then SEO strategies need more focus, which will help improve traffic to your website. In case you are looking for better conversion rates, you would want enhanced content marketing strategies.

The important part is taking the process to the next step. Just improving traffic can never be enough and without enough traffic, you cannot improve conversion rates. So, you need to ensure that both your website traffic and conversion rates improve significantly. This will only be possible when a balance is created between the two. Just ensure that you do not become a content hoarder in the process of building content for your website.

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How Can Content Hoarding Harm Your Website And Brand?

Whether it is a search engine or a user, they will always be looking for fresh content. Just have a look at your website and see if you have content from previous years or many months prior. If you do find such posts, you would be in need of a content audit. A website with such old content, you would be losing traffic quite significantly.

Many search engines have a tendency to show the date of the post. Would you really want your users to see that your website has posts that are not only old, but most probably have become irrelevant? Even if the information is not outdated, people might feel so seeing the date, on which the content had been posted. As people stop clicking on your link, the search engine might figure that your content is not good enough and you will definitely lose out on the rankings.

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How Can You Improve Old Content?

The probability of finding old content on your website is low, if you have professionals helping you with their SEO services. In case you do have such old and outdated content, then you need to do the following:

Evaluate pages of fellow competitors, who have high ranking. The content that they offer is sure to give you ideas about improving your content – don’t copy them, but gain guidance on what works:

1. Figure out what content areas are trending for the customer and ensure your SEO strategies have been implemented throughout your content structure.

2. Always update the pages with latest images and screenshots.

3. Comments and reviews from users will be valuable in making the necessary changes and upgrading your content.

4. After revising and updating the content, always change the date of the post to the date of re-publishing.

Content marketing and SEO truly do go hand in hand and share a symbiotic relationship, when you ensure that you have new content that is of high quality and has been optimized properly. A company that specializes in SEO services, knows how to ensure this. They have teams dedicated to all the aspects and ensure that you have nothing to worry about. They will implement the right strategies, at the right time and aid in making your brand a success and keep you up to date.