What's the Software Engineer Salary in 2014?

What’s the Software Engineer Salary in 2014?

By on April 23, 2014

Software engineering, just like any other computer science related job title – is a highly rewarding career choice, and not only because of the hefty salary that comes with it. You get to experience life in ways you never thought was possible, is a good definition for those who wonder what software engineering might be Read More...

5 Coding Challenges to Help You Train Your Brain

17 Coding Challenges to Help You Train Your Brain

By on April 18, 2014

Programming is becoming an essential part of nearly every industry known to man, the way it helps to organize and maintain large systems is not possible to compare to anything else, and so more and more people begin their journey. You can learn coding both from interactive platforms, and also from books – whichever you Read More...

28 Free Books for Mastering Software Architecture

28 Free Books for Learning Software Architecture

By on April 17, 2014

You won’t just learn the ins and outs of software architecture from this list, you’re going to master it; if you can afford to invest the required amount of time, and real-life application to what you’ve learned. Software architecture is actually a fairly broad term, and when broken down into a smaller list – seems Read More...

12 Free Books for Learning Theoretical Computer Science

12 Free Books for Learning Theoretical Computer Science

By on April 16, 2014

Looks like there was high demand for books on data mining and data analysis, which naturally led me to think of a way to gather up books about: theoretical computer science computer sciences theory of computation I was able to find at least 12, educational and informative free books for you to learn from. I Read More...

9 Free Books for Learning Data Mining & Data Analysis

9 Free Books for Learning Data Mining & Data Analysis

By on April 14, 2014

Data mining, data analysis, these are the two terms that very often make the impressions of being very hard to understand – complex – and that you’re required to have the highest grade education in order to understand them. I can only disagree, and as with anything in this wonderful life of ours, we only Read More...

5 Project Management Tools for Developers & Designers

5 Project Management Tools for Development Teams

By on April 11, 2014

It almost feels like the phrase project management means something completely different to each of us, to me: it’s the process of getting something done, within its appropriate order, as determined at the beginning of the project. I guess another way to look at it is from the perspective of team collaboration, and how teams Read More...

10 Crucial Habits for Good JavaScript Development & Design

10 Crucial Habits for JavaScript Developers & Designers

By on April 8, 2014

JavaScript is no longer just a web language, with new technology evolving, frameworks like Node.js enable us to live the dream of building network applications with an easy to use language. We see mobile phones using JavaScript to build native web applications browsers, and we see fully flexible web apps like Trello, using several JavaScript Read More...