Yandex Search Engine

Facebook Partners Up With Russian Search Engine Yandex

By on January 15, 2014

Social networks aren’t just becoming bigger and more broader, a lot of people are taking their own route and turning their blogs and websites into specific niche networks that bring together people with similar interests. Facebook has been on a huge decline, as far as intellectual discussions go, was Facebook EVER intellectual? The only time Read More...

How-To Make Writing Content Easy and Efficient

5 Tips to Make Content Writing Easy & Efficient

By on January 14, 2014

It’s going to be as hard as you want it to be. That is what I think of tasks that require patience, knowledge and dedication. I myself, I love to observe my improvement in writing, it happens so naturally. You aren’t given the magical choice: Upgrade now, or upgrade later? It just happens. If you Read More...

How-To Make the WordPress Sidebar More Appealing

How-To Make the WordPress Sidebar More Appealing

By on January 14, 2014

When starting a new WordPress blog, the thing I will spend the most time on is always going to be the sidebar. I’m not sure why that is, but it’s probably different for all of us. I like having my sidebar organized and self-flowing, which means it’s delivering the best possible user experience. I am Read More...

What The Distant Future is Going to Be Like [Infographic]

What The Distant Future is Going to Be Like? [Infographic]

By on January 14, 2014

It’s true that some people are better at making predictions than others. True example of this statement is Ray Kurzweil, the director of engineering at Google, Inc. This dude is a completely chilled out personality, and ever since he has began “predicting” the future – things seem to go the way he has said they Read More...

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Google to Acquire Nest – $3.2 Billion (GOOG)

By on January 14, 2014

G’d UP! It’s not about what Google needs to do, it’s what Google wants to do. I wonder how big of an impact is this purchase going to have on the stock markets. $3.2B is no easy money, and it certainly isn’t the most expensive acquisition. In August, 2011, we saw Google acquired Motorola for Read More...

Ghost Aton 0.4 Has Been Released and is Available for Download

Ghost “Aton” 0.4 is Available for Download

By on January 13, 2014

I mentioned a lot of what I think of Ghost in my Ghost themes post, please head over there to find out more. Today, Ghost 0.4 has been released, named Aton. The name Aton comes from Aton Energy, a green company – which believes in safe environment and natural energy resources. They were one of Read More...

Top 10 Laravel Twitter Accounts to Follow for News

Top 13 Places to Visit for Laravel Tutorials, Resources & News

By on January 13, 2014

Laravel is a web application framework with expressive, elegant syntax. We believe development must be an enjoyable, creative experience to be truly fulfilling. Laravel attempts to take the pain out of development by easing common tasks used in the majority of web projects, such as authentication, routing, sessions, and caching. Laravel aims to make the Read More...