It is not just enough if you design a website and develop the website. You should be able to make sure that they are working properly without any issues. However, if you are selling the website services to your clients, it is one of the best ways to generate revenue for your business.

So as web design owners you might have not thought of this business stream before, this is the perfect time to actively focus on this aspect which is a significant chunk of a better income.

If you are into website maintenance selling services, you have come to the right place. Selling website services is a good way of adding recurring revenue to your business. This article 

If you have been thinking about selling website maintenance packages to your clients and feel that adding a recurring revenue stream to your business is a good step, this article is for you. We will discuss the website maintenance services that will be helpful for you.

What are the potential advantages of selling website maintenance services?

There are many perks of selling website maintenance services:

  • Recurring revenue: Even though small packages are sold you can have a reasonable amount of profit.
  • Better clients: you will get better clients as you gain experience. You will be able to handle all types of clients and will gain expertise. 
  • Increased client value: monthly fee and the ongoing project opportunities to attract new clients and this will significantly increase the work pitch and client value.
  • Better profits: combining the bulletproof maintenance packages with great customer support will naturally lead to more profits. 

To attract more audience, the website needs to be updated regularly with new content and features as well. Strong functionalities along with regular run updates on the websites will lead to low chances of website risks.

Now, let us see the tips on the website agencies will sell the maintenance services:


This is the most crucial of all. The backups are necessary for the content and data of the website to avoid further loss just if the server is crashed, or the website is hacked.

Regular backup of the content, images, documents and again restoring them properly so that the website runs smoothly is important. Already, there are several backup plugins available that can help you in keeping a backup of your website. 

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Cybersecurity has become the biggest threat to any business these days. Every now and then, even the biggest websites get hacked. You might not realize it but protection against threats to the website is a priority. 

Cybercriminals use different tactics to invade your website to steal sensitive information, infect the files, gain access by using the spam server, and many more such things. All these malpractices will reduce the user’s attention and thereby website traffic.

Site Monitoring

Site monitoring is an encompassing term for all the activities that are carried out for the proper functioning of the website.

Basically, site monitoring refers to complete website activities such as performance, speed of the website, checking the vulnerabilities of the website, automated testing, real-time analysis of the audience, and much more.

Overall, site monitoring plays a major part in achieving the desired results. 

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Data analytics involves both gathering and assessing traffic and the data on the website. However, a web development agency that offers a maintenance service should be able to include assessing analytics, providing clients with detailed reports as part of the service package. Moreover, it is always a win-win scenario for both of you as it serves the purpose.


All the search engines mostly give attention to good quality content. So, like any other website maintenance even updating the content is important to fill that gap.

Website owners can easily generate recurring revenue by making use of the content packages, updates to your clients thereby boosting the website’s rankings and user engagement with traffic. Offering good quality SEO content will help you boost profits.


Yes, support. You can sell the business to the clients by offering them proper support for the website.

You can plan web support that fits in for all the services. It should cover issue solving, query answering, problem-solving, providing feedback, web hosting issues, system training, user access issues, and many more.

Remember, to provide a seamless web support service, you should have 24/7 support, and the customers always look upon the support. 

Enhance Website Safety

Safety is without a doubt one of the most vital facets of sustaining websites. Improvise your safety measures to make sure that it is impossible for hackers to steal delicate information similar to your prospects’ private data.

The solution to this problem is installing an SSL certificate. A healthy way of providing overall website security is by getting an SSL Certificate installed as it keeps the data safe and secure in between the webserver and a must for all the e-commerce business owners. SSL encrypts the data between the web server and the web servers. It helps in identifying the client systems on the web servers. 

Moreover, if you browse through the secured SSL certificate make sure you go through the steps which include data encryption, data integrity, and data authentication.

1. Firstly, the browser establishes a connection on the client system to the webserver which is secured through the SSL certificate and requests for the server for identification.

2. Then the server sends the SSL certificate copy with the public key to the client’s server.

3. After the identification, transmitting the public key then the browser confirms the root directory on the trusted certificate authorities. Only then the symmetric key is built by using the public key of the webserver.

However, the web browser should confirm the validity of the SSL certificate. Along with this, it verifies the expiry date of the SSL certificate.

4. Now the server starts decrypting the symmetric key with the use of the public key which is encrypted before this.

5. Now the webserver and the web browser encrypt the data transmitted through the servers.

Cloud Management

Make sure you manage a cloud hosting platform to handle all the technical glitches of the server issues and functions. This cloud management requires a proper dedicated team to maintain the website.

You can sell this cloud management to your client as this is the most advanced technology.

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Schedule Feedback With Clients

Feedback plays a vital role in keeping clients interactive. You can plan for the feedback sessions with the clients. It is necessary to let the clients put their goals forward and you should offer consultation for better business for both of you.

You can also discuss the areas to be improvised, that needs more attention and can plan the upcoming tasks for the smooth and efficient working of the website.


So, to stay in the competition and meet the demands of the clients you should be able to address all the above aspects and meet the demands. Also, you should offer a variety of services at attractive prices as well.

Do not fail to impress your client at the initial meeting and convince them that you are capable of thinking out of the box essential ingredients to help boost their business and have a successful online business.