15 Websites built with Express_785

Express.js extends the capabilities of JavaScript and is a Node.js web application server framework. You can develop server side applications by using Node platform which can be launched as a website by using Express framework. With Express framework building web and network application becomes a lot easier as it provides some inbuilt features so that a developer doesn’t has to write it from scratch. It mainly helps you to organize the routing of your application and use templates by putting in least efforts. The framework allows you to maintain your code and keep it clean.

An Express application is a sequence of calls for middle tier. The middleware has access to request object and response object. So using Express framework you can alter request and response objects, add sessions, add post parameters, template through ejs, mustache, jade etc., handle errors more efficiently, finish the request and response cycle, make a call to middleware at the top of stack, and has much more to offer. Express.js offers you a wide range of feature list such as content negotiation, application level view options, robust routing, dynamic view helpers, environment based configuration, and session based flash notifications.

Amongst all the other available frameworks Express.js is the most popular Node.js framework. Express.js is fully customizable and has a gradual learning curve which makes it even more appealing. With the increase in Demand of Node.js, Express.js is expected to scale new heights in future. Therefore, keeping in mind the growth and powerful features of Express.js there are many websites already built on it. So, here we bring you a list of 15 websites built with Express.js

1. MySpace

My Space

MySpace hardly needs any introduction. It is a social networking website which also features latest videos, music and also provides an option to listen to custom radio stations. The website has a rich user interface. MySpace has been re-launched in 2013 with more features and a restructured user interface.

2. LearnBoost


LearnBoost is an online portal which facilitates teachers by providing them attendance sheet, gradebooks, lesson plans and maintain schedules by using Google Apps. It brings in an efficient way to create multiple classes, set grades and register attendance. Even a student is able to see their average scores and the grades they have scored.

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3. Storify


Storify leverages social media platform and helps you find the top story around the world. Social media has given a new definition to the way we can find and read the top news in the market. Using it we can gather all the information for an event from different platforms like Twitter, Instagram, YouTube and Facebook and can make a story out of it.

4. GeekList


Developer struggle all their lives but their work is neither appreciated nor recognized but geek list has changed it all by providing a platform wherein geeks can share, connect and showcase the achievements that they have earned. A developer can get the appreciation from a global developer community and can get high fived or earn geek credits.

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5. Klout


Klout provides perfect platform to people who want to master themselves at social media. The main thinking behind Klout is to weigh anyone’s social media presence. They measure online presence by a unique algorithm which analyzes various social media actions such as number of re-tweets, comments, shares etc. After analyzing a score is generated between 1 to100 which tells about your social account’s strength.

6. Countly


Countly is a mobile analytics platform and generate analytics for data which is real-time and not even hours old. It is a very powerful medium which instantly gives user a detailed report in graphical format that consists of parameters such as overview of revenue, average revenue per paying user, average revenue per user, and much more.

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7. Segment


Segment is an all in one portal which collects, manages and directs your customer data. By making segment as your data partner you can focus more on building products and luring more customers. It has a wide range of integrations available which takes care of your data.

8. Yummly


Yummly is world’s most renowned site which brings almost every dish at your doorstep. It has millions of recipe from all over the world. The site also gives you option for changing recipe serving size and also a user can put his dietary preferences like the ingredients he is allergic to and a list of recipes will popup according to the selected criteria.

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9. Koding


There are lots of websites which provide cloud based IDEs in the market but Koding has moved a step further by introducing “cloud ecosystem”. The platform provides you all the setup you need to move to cloud. So setting your workspace and running your cloud based linux boxes is just minutes away.

10. Cozy


Cozy offers you a personal space on cloud which facilitates you to synchronize files, contacts and calendars from your personal devices. It allows fast app development by offering some customized templates, lot of helpers, and a web framework. After creating app you can distribute it easily to entire community by just sharing the Git URL.

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11. Ghost


Ghost is a blogging platform which lets you share your story all over the world. It takes care of publishing the article online so that you can concentrate on your ideas and content. It has an appealing dashboard on which you can view available space in your drafts, articles read, live visitors etc. Ghost is giving tough fight to some pro blogging websites like WordPress.

12. StudyNotes


StudyNotes simplifies learning with its rich toolset to learn in a more organized way and to have a long term recall. The site was founded in year 2006 by Feross Aboukhadijeh at the age of 15 years in order to share notes with his classmates and since then has been a revolution.

13. Apiary

Apiary — Home (1)

Apiary save you a lot of time by allowing you to write an API in minutes. It lets you use mock API without writing any code so that you know what actually is required by the developer. The traffic inspector feature lets you debug your API and will show exactly how it differs from API documentation and can even validate it against your schema.

In addition it helps to collaborate on API design and test your API implementation so you can be assured your documentation is always up-to date.

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14. Glip


Glip is a collaboration tool perfect for small scale business. This tool allows team to work together by giving features such as upload files, keep track of tasks, video chats etc. It also has Google Docs and Dropbox integrations which makes file sharing an easy task. Some more integrations available with this tool are MailChimp, GitHub, JIRA, Harvest and more in the way.

15. SimpleSet


SimpleSet aims at prescribing physical therapy exercise to the patients. This website has a large database with over 3000 exercise which can be recommended to the patients. You can also add your own image and video files showing different forms of exercises.

With the increasing demand for web development there are many technologies available in the market. With the growing demand for Express.js and its popularity as Node.js framework it will provide an alternative to web developers. On top we have listed 15 websites which are powered by Express.js and will surely leave a mark on those of who are seeking for a reliable technology for your web development project.

Are you also looking for a reliable technology to build your own website, then you must have something to add to this list. Feel free to leave a comment below to let us know of some more websites built on Express.js.