Mobile phones have become an inseparable part of an individual’s life. It has also become a gateway to knowing everything you want to know about an individual. The phone that someone carries can tell a lot about them.

With the advancement in technology and the invention of robust software, Spywares have been catching up. It is now possible to track someone’s phone without touching it. With absolutely remote access, you can now where someone is at any given point in time.

When it comes to spyware technology, you have to try Spyine’s way to believe that it is an unbeatable leader in the industry. Being essentially a web-based application, Spyine can tell more about a person than any leading occult sciences.

What Are the 6 Simple Ways for Phone Tracking?

While Spyine definitely tops the leaderboard, there are other prominent applications that follow. Here, we would know about them and how they can help in tracking someone’s phone without them knowing.

As already stated, tracking someone’s phone without them knowing is possible and there are many applications that tend to render this facility. But, a word of caution needs to be put out here as many apps have only false promises and phishing and malware tools to give.

Therefore, it is important to know about the prime players in the industry of spyware for tracking someone’s phone. Let’s get into the 6 simple ways to track someone’s phone without them knowing:



Spyine is a leading web-based application that has even earned accolades from critics like Mashable, BBC, Tech Times, and Reader’s Digest. As it is essentially web-based, there are lesser trails and lesser chances of being caught in the act of tracking.

There are various amazing features that not only distinguish Spyine from other apps but also make it better. Let’s go through some of the key features of Spyine:

iOS and Android Tracking

Using Spyine can allow you to be accessed on the iPhone and Android. The process can be done and dusted within only a few minutes. With iOS, all you need are the iCloud credentials to gain access to the target phone.

As for Android, with an initial rooting through the target device, the rest of the procedure is essentially remote. Once the link is set, you can remotely delete the said phone from the dashboard of Spyine.


Remote Phone Tracker

When it comes to remote access of someone’s phone, no application does the job better than Spyine. This web-based application is utterly swift and prompt in this linkage. It can immediately link to the target iPhone or Android absolutely remotely.

Core Features

You can track someone’s GPS location from Spyine. You can also see someone’s messages, iMessages, emails, notes, social media, and even the library of apps from Spyine. 

Spyine also has a brilliant keylogging feature that lets you witness the keystrokes made by the user.

No Rooting or Jailbreaking 

Spyine keeps the processes simple. It doesn’t necessitate any unrequired act or linkage. There is no rooting or jailbreaking required. The process is absolutely safe and remote. You don’t need the target phone all the time. In fact, the location of the user doesn’t matter at all.

With minimal rooting and jailbreaking, Spyine further ensures the anonymity of tracking. As a user, you will be safe and secure. Spyine only requires minimal information to initiate the account and minimal information to proceed with.


Your personal data is utterly protected and safe with Spyine. The secrecy is so inbuilt into this app that even Spyine’s own employees can’t seek any information. 

Spyine is an undebatable leader of spyware. Its brilliant conduct and ease of operations make Spyine a sought after spy app. 

Maybe this is the very reason that Spyine now has a million users in 190 countries. The fan base is only proliferating and this makes Spyine top the leaderboard.



Neatspy is also another web-based app that offers tracking solutions with respect to iPhones and Androids. As its name suggests, it has a promising neat interface that makes it easy to engage with. 

You can track every vital detail of someone’s phone using Neatspy. It also has a bespoke stealth mode that makes it effortlessly safe to use. 



ClickFree has garnered user’s attention because of its super-efficient tracking abilities. The web-based app provides users with an interface that is easy to operate. If you want a glitchless and anonymity in a tracking app, ClickFree certainly proves to be a good option. 

It also has an inbuilt stealth mode that lets it retain secretiveness in the conduct of tracking features. It also ensures that all core services of any app can be performed. 



Minspy is a trustworthy and reliable name in the industry. The ease of its functionality and efficiency of tracking makes it a very prominent name with delectable tracking features. 

Minspy has the ability to easily track the location of the users. It tracks GPS locations effortlessly. The interface of Minspy makes such tracking so easy and convenient that very little needs to be done. Minspy delivers all promising features of leading tracking apps. 



Spyic is a global name. It has attained immense popularity overtime with a proliferating fan base. The anonymity of conduct and the super-efficient interface makes it a very desirable alternative.

It has a well functioning stealth mode and other abundant features. It also has immensely great features that are sufficiently promising.  Spyic is very easy to use and operates and has, therefore, garnered a lot of user attention. 

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Spyier has promising tracking features that make it a promising application. It has a very uncomplicated interface that allows users to be extremely handy with it.  If you are a technology beginner, even then you can use Spyier very efficiently. 

Spyier also has a very supportive team that gives speedy resolutions to every user issue. The stealth mode and anonymity of operation again make it a more desirable alternative.


All the above applications will serve the purpose to track someone’s phone without touching it. But, you have to try Spyine’s way since it is an unbeatable leader in the industry. The app is entrusted with the supremacy of core features that make it a much-coveted app. 

You can make your choice of the application by virtue of what you seek from it. The economies of scale, the safety of tracking features and user-friendliness would definitely act as efficient decision-making points for you. 

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