Becoming a Better Blogger & Writer by Continuous Practice

What does a flower have to do with it? Are you mad?

I hope you were thinking that. I actually hope you understand the concept before I tell it to you. Bloggers, and writers are much like flowers. They bloom, they wither and they bloom again. In the process they (us) learn new things and the next time we bloom we have much more to bring to the table.

I “deal” with people asking questions all the time, I am a member of a couple of online marketing forums that I browse daily, mostly in the mornings, to answer peoples questions and sometimes ask my own. I don’t do it only because I can get a backlink, I do it because it helps me grow and learn more about the specific niche I operate within. Most of those marketing forums will have sections for SEO, blogging, social media, etc,. etc,.

Blogging With Coffee in Hand

I mention the forums because that is where I see people asking questions the most, regarding their blogging careers and how to become better at them. The questions change every day, but the most common theme I have noticed is that people look for instant results, and that is only because so many douchebags promote products that state that very claim. It’s not easy, it’s hard work and you have to get up early to start your day properly. That way you will be able to get everything done and start earning the money you want to earn.

Let’s be honest, you are blogging because you want to make money, not only because you love to spend countless hours on the computer screen.

Admit it to yourself, but never make it the number one priority. First comes learning, second is the visitors experience and then money.

Blogging is Dedication

In order for you to do something, you must first agree upon it by your own free will. You are in control of the choice that you have made. You can wake up tomorrow and say to yourself: I am not going to blog today!, or you could wake up tomorrow and affirm to yourself: My blogging career is helping me grow and learn more about myself and my passions!

I know which one I will choose, and I suggest that you do the same thing. The good things start coming to us when we are truly ready and have proven ourselves to be dedicated, enthusiastic and self-motivational towards achieving our goals and dreams.

Hard Work Teaches Tricks

For me, the most important trick and lesson that hard work has given to me so far is learning to manage time, and in no way am I perfect at it. It does however have a certain impact on how productive and how dedicated I am towards my blogging experience. I wake up every morning and I think to myself, today is going to be a great day and so it is.

The moment I start doubting myself, or I start getting tired of “repetition” I start making mistakes. Hard work will deliver everything that you need, if you prove that you are worthy. I am playing with words here, but it’s the hard truth that will eventually prove itself to you.

Less emails, less checking on statistics, less browsing for news, more hard work.

Ideas Come When You Are Ready

When you are just starting out, its common to get frustrated over the little things. You think that your content sucks and that nobody is reading it and never will, when in reality nobody even knows you exist, yet. You spend time reading guides about content promotion on social media, about unique ideas and content marketing. This can be scary, when in fact it’s not.

Start with small, tiny ideas and move up from there slowly. Don’t expect to create killer content right from the start. Every post you make is getting you one step closer to the ultimate goal, becoming an expert in the field. The more you write, the deeper your understanding becomes. It isn’t just about sharing content with you and me, it’s also about how we express that what we know and how we take away important things from it.

I have so much ideas sitting in my text files it’s crazy, every time I get an idea I write it down because I know how useful it might be in the future.

Which Means More Hard Work

A perfect example would be “Top 10 Minimal WordPress Themes”, would you agree that it possibly could be THE easiest post idea ever? It literally requires next to no knowledge, other than the official WordPress theme directory URL.

However, “Top 10 Minimal Blue WordPress Themes”, that is like having an angry parent screaming in your face: HARD WORK, GET IT DONE, STOP SLACKING.

It means we want to deliver unique content to a certain group of people, which possibly isn’t really all that big, yet it could potentially help someone and it’s something that others avoid doing because of the time consumption hard work, we have to take these steps, we have to be the ones taking them first to show to other bloggers and writers that it is possible and that it is the right thing to do.

The web is becoming more and more specific, and long-tail content is becoming increasingly popular, because people have different personalities and interests towards something.

Blogging as a Lifestyle

If you are serious about becoming a better blogger and a writer, you will accept blogging as a lifestyle and will do everything in your power to become better at it. I have the privilege of doing what I do, almost full-time, others may not be blessed with the same privileges that I have.

Look at it from the positive side of things, look at the fact that you can always learn something new and that you can always help people understand things. Helping others goes a long way, and that has been a fact for a long time.

I do want to learn other things besides blogging, of course, but we are not talking about other things.