15 Tips for Making Monthly Income Trough Blogging Successfully

I wrote about different types of bloggers a little while ago, mostly because I have walked in many shoes and I have seen a few things. That includes learning to make money, and what it takes to have any chance at making a steady monthly income. At least enough to pay for the hosting costs!

It’s not hard at all, to find someone who will pay you $20 a month for a simple banner advertisement, but do you want that banner advertisement, really? It’s worth noting that usually such deals result in unhealthy relationships, as the person paying you might be interested in messing with your head and requiring you to make constant adjustments all the time. Don’t settle for the cheap stuff!

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You will want to start by signing up on AdSense, if you haven’t done so. The reason I recommend AdSense is because it’s easy and efficient, and it will not require any additional guides of me, as the following information can be taken into account if you happen to have an AdSense account. The reason is because other programs like affiliate marketing might be harder to understand for beginners.

15 Tips for Making Monthly Income Trough Blogging Successfully

You are more than welcome to ask any questions regarding this subject, I will try and be as helpful as I can.

Post Regularly

Not because everyone has already said so, but because Google takes sites that post frequent updates more seriously than sites that update less frequently. It’s true that an established site can update less times a week and still rank good, but to get there you will have to spend some time pushing out content on daily basis.

Appropriate Template

Don’t fall for the “AdSense optimized theme” crap, it doesn’t work anymore. Any theme that is coming out these days is completely optimized for SEO & AdSense (if you like). Spend time looking for a theme that will really represent what You and your website (brand) is about.

Blazing Fast Speed

Your site should be so fast, that it never crosses the visitors mind, that your site might be slow. With the help of a few modifications and plugins you can easily make it happen.


You might think that Keyword Planner is not good, but its actually great. Spend some time there and research a few keywords that you will be using for your next few posts and make it into a habit. Include the keyword 2-3 times in your post to make it count for SEO.

Breaking News

If you really want to make a difference and earn that monthly income from blogging, you will need to work hard for some time. Up until you “click” and everything starts to flow naturally. The best way to gain visitors until then is to break news. It’s not hard to find breaking news, you just need to subscribe to a couple of RSS feeds and you will be fine.

Comment on Other Blogs

This will help to attract visitors from the same/similar niches that you operate in. Always include contact information on your site, so that potential customers and people who want to build relationships can contact you. As for myself, some comments I have left bring me like 200 visitors every month, not bad eh?

Display Popular Content

Most likely on the sidebar, widgetized area of the website. By displaying popular posts you are able to show that you are building some authority already. You can see an example of popular posts on my sidebar. Looks nice, don’t you think?

Beautiful Images

Relevant photos are also a very important part of a blog post if you want to leave the user with the impression that you know what you are doing. I cannot say that it is very easy to find royalty free images, but you can try sites like sxc.hu.

Not Blogging? Learn!

When you’re a not blogging, and the time allows it, continue learning about new things or things you already know. You can never learn everything, but you can continue increasing your knowledge by always trying to stay up-to-date with what is happening within your niche.

Email List

There were times when you didn’t need an email list, now you do. I recommend using MailChimp, seems to be working quite well for me.

Social Bookmarking

I know how difficult it can be, but you will have to deal with it. At first you are very energetic about it all, but then you realize it’s all hard work, and there is no chance of getting people to come to your site that easily. Don’t give up and continue socializing!

But, where is the money talk?

There isn’t, as you can clearly see. It wasn’t mean to be a post about money anyway, not literally. I am giving you crucial tips that you should check against your own blog and make sure you follow them all. Only when you follow the standard rules of what people consider normal can you start making decent monthly income.