There is a lot of rumor circulating the web tubes, claiming the decline of Facebook and such. I wouldn’t worry myself with such news, until there is real proven data from investors and other expert figures – we can continue using and focusing upon the same strategies that have always worked for us.

You might ask, what the latest trends on Facebook for business owners? This infographic from Socially Stacked was put together by surveying a little below 600 unique participants to find the answer to that exact question. The results aren’t all that shocking, and they verify what other marketers have talked about for months now.

Facebook just recently launched ‘Paper‘, which is going to help it gain some market share in the world of storytelling, a market that is becoming increasingly popular among creative artists, writers and musicians. Storytelling captures the attention that so many online marketers struggle to.

I’ve written before about increasing Facebook engagement rate and how its is important to deliver good content to your fans. I also noted that you should run contests and giveaways, which is still dominating the way of marketing on Facebook – according to this very infographic.

I’m not a big fan of Facebook, I’ve to admit. I am however always willing to learn more about social media channels and platforms. You can struggle on Facebook, while I’ll be promoting my content to Google+ effortlessly.

Facebook & Your Business in 2014 - What Are the Trends [INFOGRAPHIC]