You might have heard a lot about the recent Facebook fiasco in the news surrounding privacy. But you might be wondering how they can understand your behavior from your activity. After all, you just hit like button and share button, right? Yes, but that’s enough to understand your behavior. Let’s find out how.

Artificial Intelligence

Facebook recently revealed that they had an artificial intelligence tool known as ‘Loyalty Prediction’ which could predict your future behavior. They predict this using your activity history, your interests and your likes.

Your like can convey many things, like

Religious interests and Race
Self-confidence and Self-esteem
Sexual orientation
Cooperative or Competitive
Well organized or Spontaneous
Outgoing & active or Shy & Reserved
Liberal & Artistic or Conservative
Neurotic or Calm & Relaxed

There are many more of your behavioral traits that can be dissected using the data from your Facebook likes. Even your psychological variables such as values, attitudes or fears can be calculated.

According to computational psychologist and big data scientist Michal Kosinski’s study in 2015, with just 10 likes, a computer will know you better than a colleague. Make that 70 likes, and it will know you better than a roommate or a friend. At 150 likes, it knows you better than a family member. And beyond 300, it knows more about you than your wife (and you thought that was never possible)

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From a like, a person’s social sympathy level can be evaluated

When you look into your own profile or others profiles, there are many individuals who like your post frequently. The reason is that people feel that they appear modest and kind when they like posts which showcase some sort of tragedy. So, in that case, a like conveys how desperately you want to be seen as a kind and modest person.

“Like Begets Like” Attitude

People want to be liked. Every time they open facebook, they want to know how many likes their posts have gained. There are many people who think that if you like someone’s post they will do the same in return. These types of people are extroverts and they find Facebook a great platform to become popular. So, in that case, they develop a give and take relation which ultimately makes them an active social media user.

Expression of Religious Sentiments

There are people who like only religious posts. They keep commenting Jai Mata Di, Amen and other names of God. This is done to prove that they are a firm believer in God and for them; everything is related to the God. Your religious nature can be deducted from the posts you like.

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Some people like to show their empathy

Empathy plays a great role in today’s world and a number of people believe in it. So some people like posts on Facebook to show their empathetic nature to the public. They might not have that particular nature but to make this picture in the mind of people, these tactics are applied. This is a great means nowadays as social media definitely grabs the eyes of the public.

Some people just go for liking without any reason

In the society, there are few people who don’t even check out the whole post and keep liking it. This is something just being carefree and doing it as a timepass. They don’t have any other intention for the same.

Liking is taken as a competition

A number of people have developed a tendency of doing a comparison with the likes on the pictures of their friends. So to get more likes on their photos, they actually like the post of other people. It’s just like to win the competition and show that I am getting a better response from the people and I am more loved by the group when it comes to liking.

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Some people use liking behavior to maintain or develop a bond

You might find that a number of people nowadays add strangers in there profile by looking at the suggestion column. They believe in making relationships and more friends. So, in that case, they use Facebook suggestion quite seriously. Starting of a talk with a new person can be difficult.

So, to develop relationship people choose the liking theory. In this part, they like the post and the same person responds back and then comment and this way conversation develops and they start creating a bond. This is quite a well-used tactic.

On the other hand, some people have a great number of relationships where they don’t talk on a regular basis.  So to maintain the relation, they use the liking theory. This is a great way to maintain their steady relationship and be in touch with all your mates.

Like theory is used to finish disputes

Some people have broken contacts in real like but are friends on Facebook. So that particular bunch who wishes to build their relation again starts with the process of liking posts on Facebook. By this people actually, forget things and think that the other person is taking the initiative to be in contact and then the relations get back to normal again.
Conclusion: –
To conclude we can say that likes on Facebook have been used for different needs as per the requirement of people. Everybody has a different motive behind this like theory. We can actually say Facebook likes bridges the gap between two people and help people to develop friendly relation in society. It plays the role of a mediator who helps two friends to solve their personal issues and get back into a great life.