February 23, 2011 was a day that many are going to remember for the rest of their lives, it was the day when Google introduced the ‘Panda’ algorithm to the world, which essentially was able to clear out Google’s search results from 12% of spam. Back then, that was still a huge number and affected millions of low quality websites. It was a time of change, and while others grieved over Google being so cruel – it was already planning and putting together ‘Panda 2.0’

You can head over to Wired to read the full story about the beginning of ‘Panda’!

April 24, 2012 – another day that many feared was coming. Google released ‘Penguin’ in order to fight websites that are overly optimized for their own good. It basically meant the death of link building as we know it. You’ve got to give some thought to these updates. There were billions of dollars made from search results just because such algorithms like ‘Penguin’ hadn’t been yet put in place.

I think it will help you understand why so many online marketers these days are butt-hurt and naive about what they do. You can head over to official Insider Search to read the post about Penguin and what it did to the search engine optimizers portfolio.

Google said it wanted to promote quality – when in reality all they wanted was to get rid of websites that promote spam, and scraped content. You can look at my Google Tips and Tricks post to see just how much Google cares about quality websites.

In the end, all these updates were created and put in place in order to stop people from making money quickly, because they’ve figured out something that others hadn’t. We’re now seeing the death of guest blogging – once again, thanks to people who don’t know the difference between real and fake content.

I hope you’ll enjoy this infographic, you can leave a comment if you’d like to know information on any of the updates!

Full List of Google Algorithm Updates (1998-2013) [INFOGRAPHIC]