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How many blog posts per day is healthy and safe? I guess it is going to come down to a couple of things. What is it that you are trying to achieve, how much time have you got on your hands, and how broad is your topic for the posts you want to write. Here at CodeCondo, I have got a bit of a choice for my blog posts and ideas, making it more reasonable and easy for myself.

To begin with, we need to know why are we writing our blog posts and what are we going to use them for. Do we want to advertise a product through our posts, or do we want to gain more exposure for our website. In my case, I am trying to gain more exposure rather than focusing on a single product. It only makes sense, I get plenty of room to expand and build my community.

You will see that a lot of SEO experts will tell you that 1 post per day is completely fine and you shouldn’t even try much harder than that. They are not far off from the truth. If you are going to build a community around your blog, or build a name for yourself; spamming your followers with constant content updates might not be the best idea. These are just some things to think about. I cannot make decision on your behalf.

Too many people focus on the strict side of things, without having much proof to back them up.

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Are you trying to become someone (a blogger) who is going to start making money from his blog in the future? It’s a bit of a silly question, I know, but it helps to put one important thing in perspective. If you hope to make money from your blog in the future you need to make the appropriate time investment when generating content. How much time have you been spending on writing post up until now? And how much time have you got on your hands?

All I am trying to say is that in the beginning it’s not a bad idea to push a few posts a day. At least for the first 3 or 4 months. Think about publishing 3 posts that are made of 500+ words. After the initial 4 month period, Google will have done all of its dance on your website and you will have plenty of content for people to read.

Next time you are writing an article, pay close attention to how much time you spent doing it. This will help you calculate how many articles you could write for example in three hours. Is it 6? 5? By knowing this data you can start allocating those three hours a day to just writing. It doesn’t matter how hard it is, just do it.

I guess this article somehow turned into an motivational thing. Yes, it’s fine to post 5 blog posts per day, as long as they are providing some value to the community. Remember not to drain yourself, and if you can only make up 3 posts in 3 hours, it’s fine. That is a lot more than many others can.

Remember about link building also, and how much time that is going to take away from your schedule. It’s frustrating when you have to do all these things on your own, but believe me that it’s worth it. So many bloggers quit because they hoped for instant results, don’t be one of them.

In basic math, 3 post per day for 4 months would be: 360 posts. Doesn’t that sound wonderful? There is a lot of experience that comes with such an amount of content written and it’s definitely gonna start paying off by the time you are reaching the 4 month milestone.

It’s completely up to you how many posts per day you are willing to write. Start small. I would suggest creating a daily goal every day, how many articles you would like to publish or research. And take it from there. Write one post per day for the first month, then start creating 2 or 3 daily.