Learn Why Hard Work Improves The World Around You

We might think that we know what hard work really means, but the reality is that we don’t. The people who were on this world before us, people who had to do everything by hand were the ones who knew the real definition of hard work and labor. Blogging is hardly psychical work, except for the finger massage it’s nothing but sitting on your ass and typing away.

To become successful at blogging, you’ll need to learn why hard work is essential and even important to your journey.

I’m still a young man. I’ve had some jobs that required a lot more than just hard work. I was working as a ‘assistant chef’ in a quite busy kitchen at one time. I had to be there 10 hours every day, 6 days per week. It could be hot summer, it could be a freezing winter – the employer could only care about the fact that the food needs to appear on the plate and in the customers tummy.

It was one of the most dreadful times in my life, but it taught me the importance of not giving up and learning to cope with hard work, make it your companion – rather than your enemy.

It’s all about ‘You’.

You Learn to be Patient

I had to come up with an example, so I chose fishing. It’s the perfect example of patience in hard work. Fishing by itself doesn’t require of you much, “only” patience in order to have your luck at catching that big fish, if any at all. It’s never disappointing, as the whole concept of going fishing is exciting in its own way.

You’re never sure if you’re going to catch something on that particular day, but you always know that in order to catch something – you need to be silent, patient and willing to wait for the right moment.

You Learn to be Patient

More often than not, we are required to work hard because we need to make up for something, or it’s the only available choice at that given time. Stephen King does say that there is always a choice.

Hard work teaches us to be patient and not to expect anything, but adapt to the current environment and continue at the same pace. It’s bound to happen that circumstances are going to change, and we’re either going to change our workplace or we’ll finally get to go to that vacation we always dreamed about, and why you might ask?

Because we have learned to be patient.

You Accept Things as They Are

I needed the money when I was working in the food industry, I knew it’s a tough job – and I had a really hard time accepting things as they were, but only a short couple of months later, I finally had accepted that things are like we see them. There is nothing more or nothing less, and it’s up to ourselves to accept the reality that way.

Hard work can really show us that we’re not the only ones trying to reach for the same stars. It’s our approach that is going to differentiate the distance between us.

You Look at Things Differently

Wait, first we accept things as they are, and now we look at them differently? Well, yes.

Just for a second imagine the most wealthy and most egotistic celebrity you know, I don’t know any celebrities – so don’t ask me. I just think that people often compare bullshit to celebrities and so I will too. Anyway, imagine the celebrity and how she/he enjoys her life and is having a lot of fun.

This celebrity hasn’t got a clue what it means to smell cow shit, or feed the pigs. It’s a mystery to her. Try and imagine this celebrity having to do that stuff, no matter what. Imagine the celebrity become a farmer for a second and see how the whole image changes – but notice the humble effect that happens.

You Look at Things Differently

The effect is the natural need for humans to feel compassionate towards something. It sometimes takes a lot of time for it to happen, especially if the person does live around it’s ego a lot. The average human being however, will change the way she looks at doing stuff like farming and seeing how old people have to struggle to survive.

This is what hard work can teach us about life, and how to view things from ‘both’ perspectives. We’re used to the social conditioning, where one side thinks they’re perfect and the other thinks that thinking you’re perfect is the dumbest of all the ideas.

You Want to Work Hard to Succeed

It doesn’t take long, for a grown human being to realize that hard work is the key to being successful. We don’t choose our parents and siblings, so we’ve got to work with what we got. We need to make the resources that we have work for us, in order to try and make our lives better for ourselves and our families.

You know, sometimes having nothing can mean that you’ve got everything that you need. It’s far more difficult to begin from zero when you’re 40 years old than it is when you’re 20.

In this post I went over the following qualities that hard work can teach and give us:

  1. patience – things are always coming our away
  2. acceptance – sometimes things are like they look
  3. open mind – changing ourselves to become better persons

Just with these three qualities alone we can create the life we want, where we want. It’s that simple. We need only to taste what hard work means to understand that we’re not the only ones doing it, and that there are opportunities available to us once we dedicated ourselves to our dreams and goals.

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