Mobile and Smartphone Privacy - Are You Safe

What a coincidence, it’s another one that talks about mobile devices. This time we’re looking at mobile, and smartphone device security. It’s quite a big subject, and it’s also a very fragile one.

You probably know of Edward Snowden, and the NSA. If you do, you’ll know how easy the CIA, FBI and other government agencies are able to access your data from anywhere in the world.

It’s really absurd, and there aren’t that many solutions for it right now, although I’ve noticed that a lot of engineers and tech geeks are forming their own groups – tribes if you will – to solve this privacy issue once and for all. One real example of this that comes to mind is the Blackphone, I wrote about it a few weeks ago, and it’s worth checking out to see how these developers are tackling security issues.

This infographic is teaching us the importance of being aware just how many threats are out there, and the number 50,000 might seem a little bizarre – when in reality it’s probably not even half of what’s out there today. Snapchat has also made the list, showing us that the photos you ‘snap’ don’t really disappear, and are freely available on the Snapchat servers, and the viewers device – if the correct security measures are applied.

I recommend to any business owner to educate themselves on this matter, or at least suggest it to their board and have a special team of security audit people hired when it comes to developing mobile apps that people can trust. I’m not an expert on this matter, but you don’t have to be a genius to understand how easy it is for a professional hacker to get inside of your phone.

Stay safe, and let me know if you’d like to see more blog posts about this subject being published!

Mobile and Smartphone Privacy - Are You Safe [INFOGRAPHIC]

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