Top 3 Free Tools to Help You Schedule Twitter Tweets

3 Tools to Help You Schedule Twitter Tweets

It can sometimes prove to be very difficult to try and keep a track of everything that you do online. You can try using content analytics tools, which often offer the ability to manage your social media profiles, or you can try some of the more known free marketing tools that are popular around the web.

You can easily skip this post if you’re a partner of Twitter’s and use their advertising network to promote yourself and your brand. Twitter’s Ad Product users are eligible to schedule their tweets from their ad management dashboard.

You can find out more about it on the official blog announcement.

Though, for the most of us – we just want something that is free and easy to use. This is why I decided to put together a list of 3 free and easy to use Twitter scheduler tools that will not only help you to increase Twitter followers, they will save you a ton of time!

1. Twittimer

This tool will be perfect for managing multiple Twitter accounts, to schedule tweets and photos at ease. It’s completely free of charge and comes equipped with a really nice and modern design. The user panel is easy to navigate and understand, and you can instantly schedule tweets once you connect your account.

Twittimer DEMO

You will learn from the free user panel that there is a ‘Pro’ subscription available that offers:


All of which will come in handy if you want to expand your campaigns and also get some statistics along the way. I like this tool a lot, and I’ll definitely keep using it. Have you used Twittimer before?

2. TweetLater

This is an incredibly easy to use tool and offers a more lightweight design choice than the one we listed before. You will be able to view your timeline from within the tool itself, and also see your previously schedule tweets. It does exactly what is says on the front page: it schedules your tweets.

TweetLater DEMO

If you’re into social media marketing you can check out TweetLater blog, which gathers blog posts from all over the web about specific social media subjects.

3. Twuffer

The last tool on our list is Twuffer, which like all of the above have simple task to do – schedule and deliver your tweets on time, and that is exactly what it does. The only difference is of course the design that it uses, and perhaps the ability to track tweets that didn’t get sent out – which most of the time is going to be Twuffer’s fault anyway.

Twuffer DEMO

I know that some tools out there can get confusing because of time-zone issues, but Twuffer straight away will ask you where you are from and set the appropriate time-zone so that you don’t have to worry about when your tweets are going to get sent out.

Schedule Twitter Tweets

I think that’s it for our list of tools for scheduling tweets, I know I skipped quite a few, with the most popular one being Buffer, probably. The fact of the matter is that Buffer has limits (like all content distribution tools do), but these tools I’ve listed in this post server only one purpose – and do it very well.

Take your pick and start scheduling! I’m open to suggestions in the comments, list and share your own favorite tools with the community :)


  1. Good suggestions, Aleksejs. I just have to see “Twuffer” – sounds likek something eh…?

    We just doubled the free limits for RiteTag for scheduling, but all with smartened hashtag scoring and suggestions, unlimited searches, and the four much more dynamic features within “Hashtag Audit.” Welcome to speak with me in G+, go through it all, or co-produce a workshop for codecondo readers?

    • Hey Saul,

      I’m going to put together a new post about hashtag tools for Twitter, hopefully tomorrow.

      I see that you released ‘Audit’ earlier than expected? I’ve checked it out for a little while and it looks good, congratulations!

      Thanks for the opportunity to reach out, I’ll remember that – until then I’ll keep working on getting more CodeCondo readers.

      What are your plans to do with all that data you’ve got access to, you can probably put together some nice infographics, that wouldn’t hurt the business at all. I’m not suggesting I could create one – I’m just saying it’s an option.

      Yeah, interesting name ‘Twuffer’ – I suppose the idea did come from ‘Twitter + Buffer’. I don’t really bother though, as long as it does what I tell it to do! :)

      Good stuff, I’ll perhaps move over to RiteTag for the time being, to schedule and optimize my tweets!

      Thank you for the comment and heads up.

      You can call me Alex, btw.

      • Thanks, Alex, and as for the infographics, please see the Hashtag Directory, search and look at Hashtag Scans. They’re embeddable, they’re interactive, and unlike when bloggers simply list “best hashtags for —-,” even after you embed in a blog article, they update. After all the hashtags associated with a topic are not static; they change over time. Hope to hear from you – G+ me?

        • Hey Saul,

          that sounds great. I can understand your vision and passion towards RiteTag and I hope it will prove to be worth the time investment. I actually had a little problem with it the other day, where I was doing my profile scan – and everything time I refreshed the page it would take away one of my audit credits. I think the system froze somewhere, as it wasn’t displaying the refresh results back to me, but it would take the credits off my account whenever I tried to reload the page.

          Is this a known and common issue?

          • I think you mean the Hashtag Audit. Yes, each refresh counts as one
            credit. Of course, if there are no new tweets from you since your last refresh,, that counts as one, but without new results.

            Check out Plans for what you get for free / pro.

        • Saul,

          yes, I did mean the Hashtag Audit – though the issue I was experiencing was that I never saw any new tweets load, and instinctively I reloaded the page, which lead to me losing one credit.

          In other words, sometimes the audit doesn’t load tweets (a bug or an internal error) and it causes to take away account credits, is there a way to make it so that it verifies each of the reloads to make sure there are tweets that have been fetched?

          • I can’t promise, but I’m asking our CTO. See, it costs us API calls, whether there are tweets or not, and this is why we limit how many we give, free/pro. But I’ll see what we can do.

  2. Thanks for including TweetLater! We’re hoping to update the app with a timezone picker very soon. And we’re very open to suggestions to improve the app so please let us know on Twitter!

  3. I’m looking for more animated Twitter visualizers and possibly tutorials on their creation. Anyone have any suggestions? I like visible tweets, but would like to learn to do more creative things with the tweets.


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