State of Mobile Behavior & Usage Report 2014

They just keep coming and coming, and we’re again presented with another infographic that wants to educate us about mobile devices, in this particular case – how consumers are using their mobile devices, what they’re doing with them and what is the overall state of mobile behavior in 2014.

It was concluded by the team over at ExactTarget, and features opinions of nearly 500 consumers, that were asked about their habits when it comes to using their mobile devices. In the first paragraph already, we see a statement such as that 85% of the surveyed people use their mobile devices at least once a day. Incredible.

I do recommend checking out the one about smartphone privacy, and the one about responsive web design, as they both provide some valuable info.

Lots of the activity that the consumers reported has to do with social activity, and I was surprised to learn that Twitter was actually the least used app on the list, while image websites like Instagram and Pinterest are dominating the survey. Great report.

Email on mobile phones is big, as does the study report and it definitely inspires to look deeper within ones email strategy. I think it’s worth looking into Iterable, email optimization company that is really focused around mobile devices.

State of Mobile Behavior and Usage Report 2014 [INFOGRAPHIC]

source by exacttarget