Due to the increasing access to broadband internet, companies are looking for effective ways to improve their video content and engage the target audience. With the advent of technology, many tools for recording and uploading catchy video content have emerged.

Nowadays, to market your small business, you will need a smartphone to shoot videos and a laptop to edit them. Once you set appropriate lighting and background, you can produce wow content that will leave your customers and competitors in awe. 

If you want to create a solid video marketing content strategy, these 9 video content ideas will come especially in handy. 

Introduction Video

Dedicate one of your videos to your brand. Tell your audience about who you are and what kind of product you offer. Also, don’t forget to mention the problem you can resolve for your customers. Another important aspect that you should tell about in the introductory video is the way you conduct the business. This short clip is very important as it gives the clients the first impression about your brand and attitude to work.  In this case, a Canva video intro maker will greatly help you out.

You can incorporate this video into the homepage of your website or social media account. Also, make sure the video is no longer than 90 seconds to keep the attention span.  

Brand Promotional Video

You can use a brand promo in your marketing plan and for a great variety of other purposes. It is possible to configure autoplay of such a promo on your channel page on YouTube, use it at your listing presentations, or various meetings where you advertise your business.

However, it’s not enough to shoot a promotional video and upload it on internet resources. To create top-tier visuals and find your own innovative method of conveying information, you will need to boost your knowledge in content creation. Movavi Blog is an excellent source of information that will help you bring your video marketing to new heights.

Behind the Scenes

Whenever people are watching a video, they may start wondering what is actually happening behind the scenes. Sharing behind-the-scenes footage is an effective way to give a personal touch to your brand marketing strategy and get closer with your target audience. By subsequently disclosing your business operations, you let your clients better understand exactly who you are. The video should showcase all the details of your working process. To effectively edit your footage and boost your storytelling, you can use Filmora – powerful, but still, easy-to-use video editing software that will help you accomplish all your creative goals. 

Video with Useful Advice

It would be a great idea to create an informational video for answering the most frequent questions of potential clients. Thus, you can showcase your expertise and position your brand as your industry’s authority. Such content will increase the level of customer confidence in your company.

Interview Videos

Referrals provide you with a reliable foundation for developing a strong customer base. Short clips with testimonial interviews can help you attract more leads and extend your brand network. The recommendations received from the respected buyers you worked with can make new clients trust your company and cause a positive attitude to your brand. All people you are going to interview for your business marketing needs should deliver the relevant info to your audience. To facilitate your work, you can try Boast – powerful software that will help submit video testimonials from any camera-enabled device.

Product Reviews

Before buying something, we all tend to go online and search for reviews. So why not create a video review on a product released by your company. The most important thing here is to concentrate not on your brand, but on the product you are reviewing. Your opinion on the product should be truthful and non-biased. 

Use such a video to tell your audience about your product in simple words, without diving deep into theory or numbers. Based on the studies, more than 70% of people prefer to watch a video in order to learn more about the product, as opposed to reading an article or text. Remember that an explainer video should be short, concise, without the use of complicated vocabulary.

How-To Tutorial

How-to videos are mostly recorded by beauty bloggers and tech YouTubers. Still, you can create a video devoted to the product or service your brand offer. Provide your audience with comprehensive and valuable training tailored to your niche by creating a tutorial video. Your clip can include step-by-step guidelines and tips on how to use a certain product. Focus on a special feature of your service and explain why it is a perfect option for a particular concern. To make your clip more professional-looking, you can use an online service to create video tutorials called LearnWorlds

Content Visualization

Your business probably produces plenty of different content. Why not represent your developments visually? Depending on the type of information you’ve used to work with, you can use data visualization or video infographics. Nowadays, one of the most striking trends is whiteboard animation or video scribing.

New Product Announcement

If you are going to release a new product, highlight its features and benefits in an announcement video. Feel free to present the product in all its glory, even compare it to its previous version or a rival product to focus on your brand’s improvement. Clarify the main benefits of the product, explain to the potential clients why this item is a must-have and how to use it. With an announcement video, you will surely attract potential clients and make them excited about your upcoming release.

Summing Up

Video content plays a huge role in the success of your business. Nowadays, it is possible to take advantage of numerous tools to render the information and present it uniquely. Small business video marketing has an amazing potential since it helps to build a deeper connection with your clients. Both returning and potential customers can see your product in action. These video ideas will allow you to show off the concepts and advantages of your small business and develop a distinctive style of your brand. 

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