Top 10 jQuery Timeline Plugins You Must Know As A Developer

Over all these years, website owners haven’t stopped experimenting with multiple tools for adding a unique tint of elegance into their sites. Timeline is one such feature which has actually served as an excellent option for long-time website owners who are interested in publishing a time depending post on their web portal. Fortunately, there are several jQuery plugins which allow you to do this in an extremely convenient way.

Many a times even after hiring WordPress developer, you might feel the need for adding new features/functions into your final site. If ‘Timeline’ is what you want to add to your site, then continue reading this post which speaks about 10 of the finest jQuery timeline plugins that aid you in displaying blog posts, embedded videos, photos, sliders etc. on your website.

1. jQuery Timelinr


Supporting both horizontal and vertical layouts, jQuery Timelinr is a plugin which will allow you to add interesting specifications like transparency, auto-play, speed etc. Plus, you can also avail the flexibility of customizing the website style using the CSS stylesheet.

2. jQuery Social Timeline


This plugin allows you to retrieve the posts/status/images and videos directly from different social networks in a timeline format with the newest post/status.image/video displayed first and the oldest ones displayed in the last. Some impressive features of this jQuery timeline plugin include: social filter support, simple to customize, different display styles, flexibility to add multiple custom feeds and many more.

3. WordPress Social Timeline


Dedicated to WordPress website owners, this is yet another brilliant jQuery timeline plugin which allows you to create timeline with the help of videos, posts, pictures etc. followed by tagging them using keywords or other different sorting elements. Equipped with eye-catchy design styles, you can easily create absolutely stunning timelines in a comfortable manner. Some of the popular social networks supported by this jQuery timeline plugin include: Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc.

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4. Timeline Pro


This is a lightweight, fully-responsive jQuery timeline plugin which allows you to control timeline multiple post types using admin settings panel. Plus, there is also a social share icon which can be used for sharing the timeline posts via popular social networking websites. Serving as a pure HTML and CSS Timeline style grid, Timeline Pro is easy to use. Some excellent features of this plugin include: social share button, featured post marker, click to zoom view for readers and many more.

5. Timeline Express


Timeline Express is yet another commendable plugin custom-made for WordPress websites. As a free-to-download and install jQuery plugin, Timeline Express offers you features such as: scroll effects, custom template support, CSS3 animations, localized dates etc. in addition to the ability of specifying the length of timeline for each individual announcement/ document published on your site. Additionally, there are TinyMCE Buttons which allow you to generate shortcodes.

6. jQuery Tweet Feed Plugin


This is a minimal jQuery plugin which allows you to display live twitter feeds on your website. All you need to do is simply copy and paste a single line of code. Some exciting features of this plugin include: full browser support, customizable search terms, live feed showing most recent tweets etc.

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7. Melon HTML5


Custom-made for users with a good amount of liking for Facebook’s timeline feature, Melon HTML5 is a jQuery plugin which allows you to showcase content using four different timeline element types including: mini gallery, blog post, embedded iframe and slider. Also, there are excellent customization options available with every timeline element type.

8. jQuery Responsive Timeline


This jQuery timeline plugin allows you to display a detailed list of posts in a Facebook style layout so as to fit every type of screen. Amazing features of this plugin include: fully-responsive, bug-free, smooth animations and skinnable i.e. unique, eye-catchy themes can be easily created via tweaking the CSS stylesheet.

9. Timecube


This is a fancy jQuery timeline plugin which allows you to navigate through the events on the basis of JSON. All this is possible with a simple touch swipe or mouse hover. This plugin is compatible with all major browsers including Safari, Chrome and Opera.

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10. jQuery Timeline XML


On installing the jQuery Timeline XML plugin into your website, you can avail the flexibility of creating interactive timelines using XML file or HTML code. This jQuery plugin comes in four unique skins including: basic, modern, sleek and dark.

Wrapping Up

With such handy jQuery plugins available for your use, I’m sure equipping your website with the timeline feature would no longer appear daunting. So, get on and choose a plugin which will meet all your requirements in the most convenient way.