Having a Unique and Confident Voice for Your Blog

The really nice thing about blogging, which I have noticed many people enjoy, is the freedom of speech that comes with it. On the internet, unlike the real world, people will simply move on if they don’t like what they see. It’s up to you to decide which road you want to take, and which majority of people you want to please.

There are the people who will agree on every bad word you say, and there are the intelligent people who like to read and share content that others have accumulated from their own experience.

Nevertheless, it takes months, even years for some bloggers, to develop a confident and unique blogging voice that is not only appealing but also soothing and pleasant to read. Just take a look at some of the blogs you already read and compare some of the authors. Feel the difference between the empty spaces, you can learn a lot of from doing that.

At first you want to please everyone, then you start to grow and you change your voice to be more professional, intelligent and expert like. Eventually you are left with a nice group of followers who admire what you do and how you present yourself.

Your Blog is Your Home

You can consider it a lifestyle, or you can look at it as your own personal diary, for which you have granted access to many people at the same time. Whichever you choose, your blog is going to be your home.

At Home, Things Happen Differently

We might be hiding, covering ourselves out there, in the real world, but when we are at home, we speak differently. We speak with confidence and we are assured that whatever we say is going to be understood, not misunderstood. It never crosses our minds that we might be questioned of our intentions, at home. We can instead do and say whatever we like (within it’s norms) and still experience positive outcome.

Consider your blog your home, your own personal space. Trying to pretend to be something you are not is simply going to scare people away. It’s how friendships works in real life, you either pledge to be honest about how you feel or you get denied of being a friend, sounds familiar?

Less Worrying, More Praying

Kris from Simian Studios has created a really nice write-up (from two years ago) about worrying less and doing more. The way I want to put it is that you should focus on doing the right thing and getting work done in a timely manner.

We have all been there, down that road, where we worry a lot about our results on daily basis. It’s all nonsense, and it eats your soul without you accepting that you know it. We know when we feel down and we know when we are doing less than we could. It’s so natural and so easy to take notice of.

I motivate myself by looking back at the times when I was doing my best and when I was pushing myself to the limits, if I could do it once, I can do it again. Nothing changed ever since then, except for me growing wiser and stronger.

Confidence Grows With Time

Like with most of things in life, time is an essential part of the whole growth process. Spiritualists might not believe in time as a whole concept, but time is real for people who have a job to do. Learning to manage this time is an essential skill that should acquire as soon as he sees himself making progress.

We can write 20 blog posts every day, hoping it is going to increase our confidence, and the way we write about things, but in reality it is going to drain your life out of you, leave you with barely any energy to reflect upon your own progress.

When we reflect on ourselves and how far we have come, is when the real confidence growth happens. We realize which things work and which things don’t work at all. I find that my best time for reflecting on my progress is at the end of the week, when I take one day off from my work completely to do other things and generally relax. Then the next day when I return to work, I am much more energized and happier about my work progress.

I had reflected on what I have learned and done so far, and it is helping me grow.

Wait a Few Months

Then make the final decision. I wrote about selling one of my older blogs, and then regretting it. I had created something but I hadn’t thought about the whole progress I had made, and instant cash seemed more appealing at the time. It wasn’t the brightest decision, but mistakes is where we learn more about ourselves and life in general.

Take all of the information in this post into account, and then wait a couple of months to really reflect on your progress. When you feel the time is right, start preparing for taking at least a week off from everything, prepare some scheduled blog posts that will keep your site going and just forget about everything.

This weeks break you will take will open your eyes immensely, and you will understand more about which direction you would like to take. I would say that such a break is necessary every 3+ months. We learn so much in 90 days, sometimes we don’t acknowledge it.