It’s never been a better time to learn a new language. One might consider the mental benefits of speaking a foreign language. Studies show that it correlates with higher standardized test scores, better hypothesizing in science, and being more receptive to people from other cultures. It is truly something everyone needs right now.

With the language-learning apps made for your phone, you can learn languages across skill levels and in a variety of ways. They provide lessons ranging from beginning to near fluency, in various modes to accommodate your learning style.


Learning a new language on the go is easy with the help of Mondly, now available in text and voice formats. Language learning is rooted in different tactics for discussing your first language.


Mango offers immersive language lessons, tailoring to your learning style. Furthermore, Mango’s ability to pause a lesson and resume it later is advantageous for those with quick paced lifestyles. Originally built for business, schools and government libraries, Mango can be accessed for free at many libraries across the nation.


With Memrise, memories are developed faster and the language is unforgettable. It also has an adaptive algorithm that will adjust the level of difficulty based on the user’s learning pace and style of learning.


Welcoming its first featured update in six years, Drops will provide players with five five-minute exercises everyday to help increase vocabulary. Each time limit provides gamification, motivating you to keep playing until you accomplish your objectives. It also contains “travel talk” aimed at simplifying the language barrier when abroad.


Busuu offers language lessons with weekly active study plans and machine-learning enabled technology that mimic a traditional lesson. The app also offers feedback from native speakers to help perfect your technique as well as offline practice for wifi-free environments.


When learning a new language, The grandfather of language software is best for people looking for a conversational approach. They have a TruAccent speech recognition program to help you with your pronunciation so you can sound like a local.


Have you ever heard of Duolingo? It’s a language-learning app that turns it into a game. The app helps keep you motivated with frequent reminders and awards for progress. I think the adorable owl mascot (named Duo) might be one of its best features – Duo suffers the consequences if you don’t stick with it.


For those looking for the perfect app to help with both speaking and listening, Pimsleur provides a specific approach to learning language. The learning is on-the-go, it has digital flashcards, role play challenges and many more innovative methods to help one consolidate their knowledge.


The best app to help you relearn language is the one that keeps it short and interesting. So learn your new language by taking one three minutes lesson per day, or have it decide which ones are most pertinent for you based on your schedule. Lessons are created by native speakers who will teach you what you need to know, rather than trying to teach an entire language as would be done with a textbook.

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