Yoozon - Dynamic Website Hosting on Dropbox #Startup

I have been busy trying to push out this, and this post that I almost run out of time to get to this one.

Yoozon is a startup that to some extent is going to change the way we create websites. I have yet to see the prices of this service, but I don’t believe they will be very high. Big enough for profit, small enough for people to consider signing up. I can already see a free plan option that will offer a sub-domain from Yoozon.


This of course is all interesting, considering we are getting literally free space and file protection that Dropbox offers. I am not the type who could do a statistics report on how cheaper or expensive the file storage space would be compared to using a shared or even a VPS hosting account. We will have to wait and see.

Yoozon Homepage

Yoozon Dynamic Websites

I would avoid writing this post if it wasn’t for what I read in the FAQ page. To be honest, hardly anyone would be interested in the service I believe, if it wasn’t for the ability to have a WordPress blog run through your Dropbox account with the middlemen’s Yoozon’s help.

It currently supports static HTML, and PHP. (WordPress, Joomla, Magento, etc,) With plans of adding Python, Ruby, etc,. in the future.

The official Yoozon blog says that a closed alpha version is going to be available really soon. That also means that we will have to wait for a few more months before the service is good enough for the public.

Yoozon + WordPress


That is a live version of a WordPress installation running on Yoozon (files hosted by Dropbox).

What do you think, will this service become successful? The integrity seems to be very high up and that is always a good thing. We shall see.