10 things to consider before building your website in 2015_785

A website is a bundle of web pages related to each other which is hosted on a web server and can be accessed with the help of internet or through local area network. Every website has a home page which is like a map and has links to every page on that website. Each web page is identified by unique address also known as uniform resource locator (URL). The URL has two parts: First part is the protocol and second part is domain name or IP Address unique to every website.

The internet is flooded by millions of websites and only a few pops out on the front page when we search a keyword on search engine. So, it becomes very important to design your site properly in order to target the maximum audience specific to that market. Building a website is not an easy task to accomplish, there are lot of factors to be looked at like keeping the code optimized, design should be eye catchy, customer engaging, should have social media handles, and must be easily searched by search engines.


Before you get start with your website you need to setup a frame to your future design and functionalities. The website that should have a high performance and speed so that it can work quickly for the visitors, it should have attractive and informative content, and contains interactive programs to engage the visitors. After all, the purpose of uploading the website is to gain the traffic over it, so it is essential to consider the things from your audience point of view before you start building the website.

We bring you a list of 10 things which must be kept in mind while building a website.

1. Decide the goal

When one start with his/her website first and most important question arrives is ‘what exactly the website is about?’ It might not seem important to the designers, however, knowledge of the targets of the website and its goals play an essential role in the development of the whole project.

2. SEO

Search engine optimization is becoming the most important part of any website developing. There is no point of having a well-designed, fully functional, and very attractive website if no one is reaching to it. SEO of any website makes sure that it appears in front of targeted audience so that the website can fulfill its main purpose. And, that is the reason that SEO has become a mandatory and one of the initial steps of website designing.

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3. Design

The UI/UX design is one of the most important things to keep in mind before building the website. As it is the basic element of any website that attract or distract the users. When the designs are eye catching and interesting, it automatically makes the user to stay and read further. This is also the reason that the designs directly affect the SEO of the website, and overall user experience.

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4. Social Media

For internet marketing of any website, sharing plays the major role. It becomes essential for you that your website should always provide an easy way to share its content on social media. You should also have some good analytics tools that can help you track where users are finding you.

5. Website Performance and Speed

It is a very common issue of attractive but heavy designs that they take time to upload on the browsers. This makes the visitors to move to another options and leave/close the page. You might not aware of this fact that you have power over not only the design but also the technical specification of the website, by keeping in mind some of these specific criteria the designers and developers can improve the performance and speed of the website.

6. Target market

Market specification also helps in the boosting up the number of visitors on the website. Area of business and targeted audience defines so much of the design of the website, from its theme, to content usability, and even the colors that are going to be used.

7. Domain and Host

Domain and hosting is the basic need of any website, it is the address of your website and the space on internet “houses” the website. The domain name should be the one that can define what exactly the website is about. Plus, it should be catchy, so that coming back here would always be easy for the visitors.

8. Blog

An highly interactive website, where user can get relevant information as well as contribute by posting comments/any other material or join the discussions, helps in boosting up the business and marketing of it. Blogs are widely used content to provide the users the information they might seek, while visiting the website, and to make them stay more and interested. Usually, these blogs contains the information of latest products, related news, and company’s events.

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9. Cost of running

The cost of running the website is not only about cost of putting the website on internet, but it also include the cost of monthly maintenance, once it is online. The developers/designers should estimate these cost before starting the project.

10. Security
Websites, that are widespread and not being maintained at routine basis, are the favorite target of hackers. With the advancements of technology the risk of compromising the website also has increased, from malware and viruses to malicious applications, anything can become a big threat to your website. And, at this situation, the website must be prepared to fight these threats all the time. To reduce the risk businesses are suggested to add SSL certification to their websites, and conduct the regular maintenance and updates on them.

There are more things that are necessary steps to build the websites, from the developing point of view. However, this particular list was made for the marketing and future success of the website. Considering these few things can help you increase your audience and boost up your online business.

Hope the post was helpful for you!! In case, we missed any important thing that should be the part of the list or you have any query related to the post, please feel free to comment below.