Selling to today’s consumers goes beyond delivering awesome services. You need to present your brand in the most professional manner.

Right from the brand name to the brand logo, product or service packaging to customer relations, and everything else in between, you need to put a touch of professionalism on everything you’re doing.

In this article, we want to show you the things you can do to make your brand look more professional.

1. Get a website

First and foremost, you need to get a website. When you’re called a business brand, today’s consumers expect to find you on the internet.

When they don’t, they get the impression that you’re just one of those random roadside SMEs. And that’s really bad for business because folks with big deals won’t approach a roadside shop.

Another reason to have a business website is that you need a place to showcase your portfolio. On your website, you can include your name, contact info, address, testimonials, completed projects, ongoing projects, accreditation, and everything that makes your brand an appealing proposition. 

2. Get a professional email address

Imagine you want to order a service online, and you make a shortlist of two professionals to contact. After checking their respective websites, you noticed that one had the email address and the other had the address, which one are you going to be most drawn to?

If I was taking bets, I’d say the latter. Why? Because a .com address seems more professional and trustworthy than a address.

Unless, you don’t care what your customers and prospective clients think, having a professional-looking email address is absolutely a no-brainer. 

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3. Get a project execution template (PET) in place

A project execution template is a detailed explanation of how you intend to complete a project – all the steps and processes involved. Since different projects would require different approaches, you need a ready-to-go template you can edit and send to prospective clients.

Why do you need a project execution template? Because it helps you appear prepared and capable in the eyes of your client.

When a client reaches out to you concerning their project, a PET allows you to immediately break down all that is needed to execute the project. 

In a scenario where the client is comparing you with another company, a PET can put you a level above the competition, as the client would see you as the more competent option.

A Case Study: Imagine you want to work on your website’s SEO, and you reach out to two SEO agencies. After discussing the project with the two companies, one sends you a price quotation, and the other sends you a flowchart-style project execution plan that looks like this:





Tell me, which one are you going to give the job to? Most definitely the latter. Why? Because they seem more professional than the former.

If you too would like to create a similar flowchart-style PET for your business, contact this flowchart maker today.

4. Have a business address

Even if your business operates remotely, it’s still essential to have a physical address. In today’s internet-driven world, people are always skeptical about dealing with brands that don’t have physical addresses. As such, when consumers find that you don’t have a physical address anywhere, it might turn them off.

For those who didn’t know, you don’t even need to have a physical space anywhere to have an address. With virtual office address systems, you can buy a virtual office address in any city of your choosing. 

Say, you run your tech business from Ontario but want your customers to believe you’re based in the U.S. (Silicon Valley to be precise). You can buy a virtual office address in this location from any reputed online provider.

Alternatively, to virtual addresses, you can consider getting a PO Box. You can then use that address as if it is a street address.

5. Get social media presence

If you aren’t on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Snapchat yet, go and open accounts now. Even if you aren’t posting anything there, just have them, and strive to get them verified.

You’ll never know who’s searching for you on these platforms. Also, not being present can send the wrong impression about your brand’s awareness of modern technology.

Plus, social media can help your brand marketing look more professional, too.

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6. Invoice professionally

Invoices are what you need to get paid. But like your business email address and website, they need to appear professional, too.

The type of invoice you send to a first-time client can say a lot about your brand’s professionalism and quality. So, always ensure you send professional-looking invoices. 

There are lots of invoicing software out there that help people draft professional-looking invoices. Find out about them, and start using them today.

7. Get a business card

Of course, you should know a professional business needs business cards. For word-of-mouth marketing, you need something you can give to people for which they’ll remember you. Telling someone by mouth you have a business that deals in this and that is not the best of practice at all.

Instead, you should use something that bears your company name, business logo, contact details, and product or service info – something like a business card.

8. Use consistent branding

Have you ever seen a Coca-Cola ad before? Notice the red and white themes in the videos and photos? If you look closely, you’ll notice the shade and tone of the colors are the same as those on the bottles of the drinks.

That’s what we call consistent branding

I’ve seen brands with green-colored websites using colors like red and purple in their ads and on their business cards. This is not professional at all.

You need to ensure your website, business cards, and storefront all share the same colors and logos. That way, your entire business branding will have a consistent feel and aesthetic.

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