Coinalytics - Real-Time Analytics of Bitcoin Market

I’ve covered quite a bit of startups as of late, and I’m starting to like it, because it helps me to discover sites like Coinalytics.

We all, by now know what Bitcoin is and what it can do to the financial industry all around the world. Highlights including generous Bitcoin millionaires saving open-source projects, and huge retail company CEO’s calling out each other. There is the occasional suicide attempt – they’re the minority, we don’t need to know about them.

Coinalytics - Bitcoin Insights

The first impression of course is the fact that Coinalytics will gather up all of the accessible data, both public and private(?) and publish it within one dashboard for you to do your trades from, at least I think that’s what it is going to do anyway. We’ve got to wonder…

The site itself says that it will aggregate through publish channels such as media news, forums, online communities and of course the stock exchanges themselves. I wonder how kind of a platform is going to be used to do that, and maybe someone from Coinalytics can join the discussion and enlighten the rest of the community. :)

Coinalytics - Understanding Bitcoin

The startup is in early beta and there is most likely going to be a few weeks of testing ahead of us, but it’s certainly worth keeping an eye on this new project. I’d definitely signup to use it for the fact that I could stay up-to date about the latest trends around Bitcoin, something I’ve been meaning to do for a while now.