Generation Z has always had access to the Internet. 

Generation Z is changing the face of the world, and they’re doing it rapidly. Digital natives were born between the late 1990s and early 2000s, and they are the first generation to have access to technology since birth. They are living in a world where information is available at the touch of a screen, and this access to information makes them powerful. By the end of the year, Gen Z-ers are expected to account for 40% of the overall number of consumers, so they have a shopping power you can’t afford to ignore. You want to attract them to your eCommerce website and retain them long term.  

Even if they are young, their buying power has reached $44 billion because they earn money from a very young age. Most of them use the Internet to their advantage to build careers and make money at an age when other kids are still playing with toys. They are vloggers, bloggers, podcast hosts, influencers, Tik-Tokers, and entertainers. They have a lot of influence and power, and they grow professionally and personally by drawing attention to their lifestyle. Their authority can make or break your business, and you need to attract them on your side. 

But the question is, How to Capture Digital Natives’ Attention?

Learn what they care about

To deliver a product your customers want to buy you need to determine what they’re interested in. 

This generation is famous for adopting a cautious approach when going about their lives. They came from the age of technology, and they appreciate everything that provides them with comfort and stability. Even if they are young, they understand the necessity of planning for the future.  

They plan, and this explains why they are seeking careers in areas like healthcare, technology, and science. They are interested in fields that offer stability and are always searching for new ways to improve their skills. Because they were born in a world where new technologies appear every month, they’re not afraid of change and they love keeping up to date with the latest trends. They use the Internet to search for information and use it to their benefit. They rely on web resources to turn their hobbies and online personas into business opportunities and make income at young ages. 

Generation Z is a group of smart and entrepreneurial individuals that use social media and technology to learn, influence, and make decisions. 

Remember that this group was born in a harsh society with high access to online information. They were introduced to topics like harassment, racism, pollution, terrorism, inequality, war, and political controversy from childhood. The data they receive transforms them into empathetic individuals who want to make the world a better place by breaking down barriers and changing the political and environmental landscapes. 

Win them over

The iGeneration is heavily dependent on their mobile devices, so when you create an eCommerce website that addresses them, you must adapt its features to their needs.  

1. Win their heart with a mindful design

Gen Z-ers have access to countless resources, so to attract and retain their attention, your website must wow them from the first moment they access it. A mindful design would impress digital natives because it opens beautifully on their mobile devices, and allows access from different platforms. Post-millennials have an 8-second attention span, so when you develop a website, make sure it doesn’t take a long time to load, or you risk losing clients. 

The average attention span is expected to drop even lower in the future, as the public is bombarded with distracting content daily. They prefer clean, minimal designs that focus on high-quality content. When you build an eCommerce website, add impactful content that tells them what features make your organization stand out. 

A clean design will leave a lasting impression on the public and convince them to come back. The diverse market expects accessible websites that come with multi-language features. 

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2. Website design is no longer a luxury

To attract and stay relevant to your public, you must focus your attention on bold and effective website design. Use a platform like Shopify Plus to create a genderless website. Why? Because you address a public that demands inclusiveness. Digital natives resonate with the color yellow because it doesn’t discriminate between genders and sexual orientation. Make the attention-grabbing hue of yellow your brand color. Your website should be more than an aesthetically pleasing platform; it should incorporate relevant content that grabs their attention immediately. 

Generation Z prefers video content, so use moving images and videos to communicate information effectively. Add geolocation features to your website to target specific audiences and make it easier for prospects to find you. This group appreciates the brands that value their customers’ time and provide them with information at hand. By creating a visually appealing website, you tailor a customized experience for digital natives and retain their interest.

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3. Be authentic

We cannot stress enough the need to create authentic content and experiences. Gen Z-ers, more than any other group of individuals, demand flexibility and authenticity from the brands they connect with. They want to receive a 100% real experience. They don’t respond to cold robotic messages, so if you prefer a traditional approach, you can lose your connection with the iGeneration. 

Share with your public your brand’s environmental and social efforts, and use your eCommerce website as a platform to promote your actions to make the world a better place for your customers. Digital natives admire companies that make an effort to improve their communities and have a social conscience. Stay true to your identity and ensure your website reflects your values. 

Rely on real reviews to build an audience and interpret feedback to improve your services. Feature reviews from your clients on your website to highlight how your products and services influence their life. When people are looking for a new product, they want to hear what other buyers think about it.  

And last but not least, answer to the following question “Are your website visitors entertained?” Because at the end of the day, Generation Z-ers are also humans, and they appreciate it when a website puts a smile on their face. Humour, education, and special effects can make your website stand out. 

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