What is the Recruitment App?

A recruitment app is a full-cycle software that connects recruiters and job applicants on one platform. It is an HR tool that streamlines and improves the hiring process. The automated management system provides a broad platform for recruiters to post job vacancies and find suitable candidates. 

Recruitment apps are successfully replacing traditional methods of hiring new employees. A recruiter can complete the whole hiring process from screening, interviewing, and eventually hiring candidates within the app.

Traditional hiring methods are time-consuming. Companies used to place job ads in newspapers, and potential candidates would apply. But those days are gone. Modern HR professionals are quickly realizing the effectiveness of using recruitment apps to find talented candidates.

Digital recruitment is picking up the pace and quickly becoming popular. Here is why you need a recruitment app for hiring:

Reasons to Use Recruitment Apps

1. Everyone is Going Digital

It’s no secret that the world is quickly moving towards digitalization. More people are becoming dependent on technology, and the same goes for job applicants. People prefer to look for jobs on their smartphones more than newspapers because it’s easier and convenient. Recruiters are likely to find suitable candidates on recruitment apps rather than waiting for applicants to apply via job ads.

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2. Improves the Recruiter’s Productivity

Previously, recruiters had to place job ads in newspapers and wait for candidates to apply for jobs. Recruitment apps allow quicker access to multiple candidates. Recruiters can screen through various options and pick the candidates best suited for job openings without waiting. It saves time and effort that recruiters can utilize in other productive activities. 

3. A 24-Hour Access

Recruitment apps are available to use around the clock, with unlimited usage. The apps can be accessed at any time to recruit new employees, which means recruiters can work from home too. You can respond to candidates and queries on the go, which also increases productivity.

4. Minimized Paperwork

Typically, to find the best candidate, recruiters drown themselves in a lot of paperwork, skimming through resumes. The manual process made it impossible to keep track of multiple resumes; however, a recruitment app eliminates the need for paperwork. Candidate profiles have their top skills listed along with their resumes that recruiters can access. So even if an HR professional needs to go back to a candidate, they can easily view all relevant information without surfing through hundreds of hard copies.

Most recruitment apps have features that let recruiters make notes on each candidate and attach them to the profile. The notes can have any important details that aren’t listed on the candidate’s profile. Recruiters save an applicant’s documentation like cover letters, CV’s, and contact information on the cloud that can be accessed at any time.

5. Speed Up the Recruitment Process

Using a recruitment app will speed up the process of hiring new employees. Most recruitment apps, like Apply Up, allow recruiters to complete the hiring process within the app. Apps eliminate unnecessary tasks for recruiters like:

  • Conducting face to face interviews with each candidate
  • Filling multiple forms for every candidate
  • Storing each candidate’s information
  • Manually cross-referencing the candidates

The automation gives you extra control to manage multiple job vacancies at once.

6. Easier to Post Jobs

When you start using a recruitment app, it provides you a platform to make job posts. You can post the same job on various recruitment apps to get a wider reach. The platform will also allow you to post multiple job vacancies, which means you’ll be filling multiple positions that also saves time.

Recruitment platforms have job post forms that require details like:

  • Title of the job
  • Industry
  • Job description
  • Skills needed from the candidate
  • The salary brackets
  • Timings of the job
  • Location of the workplace

7. Maximum Data Storage

The database on a recruitment app allows you to save multiple candidate profiles. The next time you’re ready to hire new employees, you will already have a list of talented candidates. With an advanced app, you can also filter out these resumes as per categories, to further simplify the hiring process. 

The next time you need to fill a position, all you have to do is scan through the candidate based on categories. It saves the effort of creating a job post because you already have potential candidates.

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8. Easier Communication with Candidates

Recruiters often connect with multiple candidates to fill a single position. A broader reach means a lot of emails, and recruiters can often lose track of candidates. The in-app chat feature that recruitment apps offer makes it easier to communicate with multiple people. All your chats are in one place, and you have direct access. 

Additionally, you can question the candidates to get to know them before scheduling an interview. Being a professional recruiter, you’ll be able to tell a lot about a candidate from their answers.

9. The ‘Search’ Feature

An in-app search feature gives you access to the complete database of candidates. You can use specific keywords that will list suitable candidates. In addition to candidates approaching you, recruitment apps let you reach out to candidates as well. The feature speeds up the hiring process because you can talk to any candidates that are suitable for the job.

The advanced tools of the recruitment app let you tailor your searches to find the perfect candidate with minimum effort. With a recruitment app, you can search for candidates based on specific criteria, skills, education, or experience. Scan millions of candidates within a few minutes! Moreover, some apps allow recruiters to connect with candidates from around the world, which provides a wider array of options.

10. Track Job Applicants

One other benefit of using a recruitment app is easier tracking. With in-app processes, you can track the analytical data of all the job vacancies you’ve posted. You can closely monitor each step of the hiring process for each candidate.

Recruitment management also notifies you of any changes or updates according to job posts and candidates. It ensures you don’t miss out on anything important related to the hiring process.

Let’s say you connected with the perfect candidate, but he isn’t available on the market. The app will notify you when he’s available to employ. That way, you never miss out on the opportunity of hiring the best talent in the market.

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11. Automatic Matching

Recruitment apps, like Apply Up, run an algorithm that automatically matches a candidate’s skill set to the job vacancy. It shows a list of candidates that have the required skills needed for the job opening. Recruiters are required to post details of the jobs. 

The automatic matching feature saves time and improves productivity. Instead of searching manually, the app shows you a list automatically using the algorithm.

12. Keeps the Data Secure

Using a recruitment app adds an extra layer of security to the candidate data you save. The data on the apps is stored on clouds. Cloud-saved data can be encrypted to make sure only you or your team can access it.

Ready to Recruit?

Most recruiters still prefer to use traditional methods of hiring because they’re comfortable with it, but it’s not recommended. To make their search easier for hiring the best talent, recruiters need to become a part of modern culture.

A recruitment app is an advanced HR tool that will benefit the company and its employees by speeding up the hiring process. It will improve business operations by making your job easier.

So, get a subscription for the best recruitment app and connect with talented candidates today!